I never thought I’d start a blog. Even though I enjoy reading certain blogs, I’m not the kind of person who likes to write daily entries on the Internet. However I promised my family I’d get a blog so they could check on it and keep tabs on me in case Skype didn’t work out.

In case you’ve forgotten, I’m spending the fall semester in Malaga, Spain and the spring semester in Toulouse, France. I leave for Spain in 2 days and I’ve taken over my sister’s room with all my junk. The cleaning lady actually asked if she could come back tomorrow because my room and my sister’s are such a mess (including the downstairs family room where my cousin and his friend have taken up residence for 2 weeks).

So yeah I’m excited and nervous (I’ve only been asked the questions 84548654967 times since I’ve told people I’m going to Europe for a year) but it won’t hit me til I get to the airport as usual.

And now that I’ve bored myself and you guys for writing all this, I gotta go celebrate my parents’ anniversary (26 years 😀 ). I will try to update this regularly once I get to Europe but no promises… I won’t be surprised if I write 2 entries and then stop.