OK!!!!! SO I think I’ve found a steady source of Internet nearby! There’s this bar right around the corner from my house that has free wifi. I will probably be coming here a few times a week to update my blog/check emails/upload pics to Facebook and what not!

I realized after posting my last entry that the date was 9/11 and I hadn’t made any reference about it whatsoever. Living so close to Manhattan, a lot of people in the area I live in were affected by it. However I don’t really know what to say about those sorts of things. I don’t remember seeing anything about it on the news here. I feel bad for not mentioning it though… like it’s my duty as an American to remember these kinds of things. Well I guess I can just say that I did remember it was 9/11 even though I didn’t write about it.

Ok anyways, on to more cheerful topics. So umm what did I do this weekend?

Ok so Friday night just about everybody finally got to experience El Botellon. What is El Botellon? Basically every Friday and Saturday night, the police barricade some streets next to the harbor and the young people of Malaga buy their own alcohol and invade the streets, drinking openly in public and talking and well just being absolutely ridiculous. When you think about it, it’s actually a really good idea. Even though I’m sure Malaga would like to do away with the tradition completely, confining the chaos to one specific area is better than letting people roam the streets completely hammered. It’s obviously something that you would never see in the US. I think it’s not just a Malaga thing because I was informed that something similar happens in Barcelona every weekend (which doesn’t really surprise me because Barcelona is known as a party city).

So I went, I drank, and it was a fun experience but I don’t think it’s something I’d want to repeat week after week. As I was warned, Spanish boys are annoyingly persistent and it gets tiresome getting whistled at when it’s 20 of them at once. After being there a few hours, people from our group carried on the party elsewhere but I had had about enough I could handle and knew I was getting up somewhat early that morning. I took the bus back and nearly missed my stop because the nocturnal bus zips past all the stops so fast, and it’s harder to recognize my stop in the back. Luckily somebody else pushed the button and I didn’t miss my stop (this has happened to me in broad daylight as well).

Saturday I met up with some other girls from my group and we took a bus to this little town called Nerja, about an hour away from Malaga. However, we got off at the wrong stop at first and ended up walking around Torrox for a little while. We saw a lighthouse and what we think were some Roman ruins and a bunch of what appeared to be wild goat. We also ended up in a really cute German cafe. For some reasons, Germans love going on vacation down here.

So when we got back on the bus and finally got off in Nerja, we walked around and took pictures and ended up sunbathing for a few hours on one of the many several little beaches there are there. The beaches are different from Malaga in the fact that there are these huge rock formations that enclose the different beaches and the sand is made up of little rocky sendiments. I had stupidly forgotten to bring my bathing suit so I didn’t get to go swimming but I did get to eat ice cream on the beach so that made up for it. 😀 Apparently there are some caves a bit north of Nerja and some Roman aqueduct but we didn’t have time to check it out. We did eat a light dinner before leaving Nerja, pizza and sangria. I know that sounds like a weird meal but the pizza we ate was thin and light and not greasy. I was able to stomach the pizza and the sangria was good as well (it was actually the first time I ever tasted sangria and in Spain too!) We got back pretty late (well late by American standards, after 10 pm) and by that point all I wanted to do was tumble into bed.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a lowkey day. I slept in, worked on some homework with a classmate, watched some tv… and met more students who are staying for the week. I had to switch rooms on Friday to make room for 3 girls from Austria. I’m in a smaller room now but I don’t mind it because now my stuff is more confine and not thrown all over the place.

What I do mind, however, is the hammering and drilling that goes on next door! The neighboring house is being rebuilt and every weekday morning I’m woken up by drilling and hammering. I wouldn’t mind so much if I had classes in the morning but as of right now, my 5th course at UMA hasn’t started yet and I don’t appreciate being woken up at 8 AM when I can actually sleep in until 11.

Oh and I suppose before I end this entry, I should mention Elfi. Elfi lives a few doors down from me but she is in the process of moving to a smaller house. She’s German but she’s lived in Malaga for about 15 years now and she speaks German, French, English, and Spanish. I met her one day when I was walking back to my house with a friend and she heard us speaking Spanish to each other. She knew we were foreign and she thought we were German, it was kind of funny when she asked us that in German! We exchanged phone numbers and I’ve been to her house twice because she’s trying to sell these clothes/books she has all over her house before she moves. I have gotten some cute clothes from her and managed to snag a Spanish book for free. It was just really random the way I met her… and it was nice to meet someone not affiliated with Dickinson.

OK anyways I think this is enough. I have posted pics on Facebook so check them out!

Hasta luego for now,