I swear, I think it’s like birthday month or something! 3 of the girls in our group have birthdays this week and next week so basically it’s fiesta after fiesta! Yesterday after our lit. class, we celebrated 2 of the girls’ bdays with cake that someone had bought after collecting a few euros from all the members of our group. Unfortunately my birthday isn’t until March and I will be turning 21 in France… which is kind of unexciting since the drinking age in most European countries is 18 (though they don’t really enforce it). But I will probably still go out to celebrate nonetheless.

I finally got to taste churros con chocolate! Tuesday morning I met up with my tutorial group and we walked to this place that serves churros. If you don’t know (or forget) what churros are, it’s basically fried dough you dip in very rich chocolate sauce. I had two of them and I wasn’t able to finish the sauce because it was so rich. But it was definitely very yummy and I hope to eat it a few more times before I leave Spain.

I’m going to Antequerra tomorrow and some place called El Torcal which seems to be famous for a bunch of rock formations. At least that’s what I understand from what my host mother and some of my professors have said. I will post pictures on FB probably sometime next week!

This week has been relatively quiet. I did go out Wed. night for one of the girls’ bdays but I called it a night early because I was tired and didn’t want to wait around too long for the sporadic nocturnal bus.

Today I finally get to choose what class I will be taking at the main campus of UMA. I’m going to try to pick a class that doesn’t meet too many times a week because the classes meet in the morning, and it’s at least an hour bus ride from where I live. This class also only counts for general credit and not for my Spanish major. I’m going to try to get a class that only meets twice a week so I’m not getting up every morning for an hour commute. Then I have to go back home to eat lunch and then go back out to go to the classes at Cursos Para Extranjeros. It’s ridiculous how bus line #11 and I have become BFF. I could not survive here without that bus!

I FINALLY sent the postcards I bought in Ronda and sent them to mis padres and mi hermana! So you guys should be receiving those in the next week or so.

Oh, speaking of overseas, I saw what happened on the news and basically understood Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. I don’t understand everything they talk about on the news but I understand Morgan Stanley is involved. Is it as crazy over there as the Spanish media portrays it? Apparently some other banks have been affected in Europe. Geez, I hope the US doesn’t go completely to pot while I’m away… I don’t want to come back to the Second Great Depression! They showed Bush making some speech on tv about promising that everything was fine and hunky dory, but well that’s what they always say when some disaster strikes.

I’m just a little concerned because my mom does work in Manhattan and I’m wondering what the repercussions are right now for her company. I mean honestly Mom, you should have quit a long time ago and become a yoga instructor, than your chi wouldn’t be so imbalanced or whatever it is they talk about in yoga classes. Then you and Dad could summer out on Shelter Island and drink martinis all day at that fancy resort down the road from Quinipet.

Ooooh some good news before I finally sign off: I finally got officially accepted into the Toulouse program! I mean I knew I was going to go next semester but I hadn’t gotten official notice. I finally got an email this week so it feels good to know I’m actually going to Toulouse in January.

The weather is still gorgeous here… it has gotten a little cooler but I think it stays pretty nice well into October. I’m grateful for that because I honestly don’t want to go inside the bar to use wifi, smoking is still allowed in bars in Spain and I’m sick of going to bars/clubs where people can smoke and coming home reeking of cigarette. I suppose I was blessed being raised in a non-smoking family and very spoiled by the fact that the US is banning smoking in bars and restaurants across the nation. I get it’s part of the culture and whatever, I mean I’ve been to France plenty of times and it’s a European custom. But I hear my host mother cough and I can tell it’s a smoker’s cough (she only smoke one or two cigarettes at night and she usually goes outside in the courtyard). No matter how much I’ve been exposed to it, I still think smoking is disgusting. I don’t hold it against people because I know (well I don’t actually know since I’m not a smoker) but I can tell that it’s a hard addiction to kick.

Ok wow I didn’t mean to go on a smoking rant… I hope I don’t offend anyone who smokes, but you know what you’re doing isn’t healthy. It can’t hurt to be reminded of it once in awhile.

I miss everyone at Dickinson and am super jealous of all my Theta sisters who are getting to know the new PC. If any of the new members are reading this, send me an email or a message on FB! I would LOVE to hear from you!

OK gotta go!

More later.