The sole purpose of this post is to announce that I finally have wifi. As in no more resorting to sitting out on the balcony where I probably have been committing some kind of crime in wifi theft these past few weeks. The Telefonica man came today and installed the router. Not only do I have wifi, but the tv upstairs in the common room now has cable… or well more than just the 7-8 channels I have become accustomed to. I haven’t bothered checking it out yet only because the only thing I can really follow on Spanish tv without difficulty is the news. The Telefonica man tried to reason with my host mother telling her putting the wifi downstairs would be more practical since she would be able to enjoy the new channels herself. However she didn’t really seem to care about that at all, just super determined that the wifi get installed. Now whoever else from Dickinson comes to stay here will be able to enjoy the paradise that is wifi. 

This means I will actually able to Skype/email/post to this blog much more frequently and I will not have to worry about whether it rains or not (since it’s rained pretty frequently this week and as I learned first semester of sophomore year, water and computers do not mix).

I will post more later this week since I’m going to Cordoba Saturday and will add pics on Facebook.