So the wind died down which good news. My host mother tried to fix the lock on the window that broke off and she found a temporary solution to the problem. But she told me her father will have to fix it when he comes (whenever that is).

On the news the region (or is that departement? hmm) that got the worst windy beating was Gironde which is where Tonton Jean-Louis and Tati Anne live. I think they are still in Thailand visiting their two sons who live in Bangkok or maybe in Laos… I’m not too sure at this point! So hopefully their house is still standing because it seems a lot of trees got uprooted and fell on top of houses and that kind of stuff.

The news kept referring to the “storm of 1999” in which an actual hurricane basically beat the living daylights out of all of France. They showed images of that storm and it’s true, there was a lot of damage done to houses and what not. However, sadly for me, it’s not the first time I’ve seen that kind of damage on tv. The US suffers hurricane damage every year and while the degree of damage varies, we know it’s still going to happen thanks to those storms that form off the coast of Africa and travel the Atlantic to land somewhere in the Gulf Coast/Bahamas region. Rye has suffered its own flooding and hurricane damage over the years and each time a windstorm blows through, we find fallen tree branches in our backyard. We should probably cut some of them (esp. the one in the front yard which the wires go through) like Papa insists, but Mom is apparently a closet tree hugger and thinks they should be left alone.

And I should probably be reading Le Lotus Bleu, a Tintin comic book I need to read for homework. I tempted the fates yesterday to go to FNAC and buy it and I’m almost done with it. I’m supposed to be paying attention to the racism in the book which funnily enough my own mother brought up during our Skype conversation yesterday. And since the story takes place in China, there are a lot of racist undertones in the book. If Herge (Tintin author) tried to publish it today, he probably wouldn’t be very successful in securing a publisher in this day and age of political correctness. I enjoy reading Tintin though now as a quasi adult, I realize how ridiculous and improbable the storylines are. And the outdated French expressions make me laugh such as “Saperlipopette” (exclamation for surprise, similar to the English Gadzooks… which really was gadzooks ever actually used as an expression????) The evil Chinese villain in this book chooses to curse by yelling “Mile millions de mille samurais!” instead of Capitaine Haddock’s favorite expression “Mille million de mille sabords!” (Sadly Capitaine Haddock does not appear in this comic book, I think Tintin meets him later in the series)

Now if only Milou were as smart as his fictional counterpart, my life would be complete.

Ok going to go finish Tintin.

and Happy Chinese New Year! We are now in the year of the bull in case you didn’t know. Hurray!