Don’t smoke! Smoking is bad! Smoking= future lung cancer and premature death. Smoke really stinks. Don’t smoke! Just don’t do it! It’s not cool and you do not look cool as you dangle that cancer stick from your fingers. It does not make you look sophisticated. I honestly feel sorry for those poor people who stand awkwardly outside restaurants and bars smoking their cancer sticks.

What brought this all on? The entire apartment reeks of cigarettes. Thanks to the host brother’s little gathering last night, I woke up to the welcoming smell of icky ciggy in the kitchen. Even the older brother who entered the kitchen while I was eating noticed it (and he smokes too so surely he’s not immune to the smell?) And now I’m pretty sure host brother and other friends are smoking right now in the kitchen (presumably to “smoke out the window”? Can I just say… that tactic doesn’t work very well)

I shouldn’t complain so much. I live in a fantastic location near the city center in an unbelievable apartment and I have 24 hr wireless (will not ever take that for granted after suffering 2 months of sitting out on a balcony stealing it from some neighbor’s). My host mother is very nice and so are the boys. The Dickinson Center is not a far walk and is actually a very beautiful building. And I’m living in Toulouse, of all places! I have a nice life.

Except cigarette smoke can really put a damper on all that. It isn’t fun when your clothes start to take on a faint smell. The guys are more conscious of it when their mom is home (oh yeah my host mother isn’t home right now, she took off Monday to go deliver some piece of furniture at some client’s house and is visiting her aunt at the same time) but apparently when she leaves, all smoking hell breaks loose.

I soooo know what Jamie is feeling like right now with that chainsmoking German of hers staying at Paqui’s house. While Paqui did smoke too (and so did the ever elusive Jaime but he kept that confined to his own room) she confined it to her kitchen downstairs and I dunno, it didn’t seem to bother me as much. I’m sooooo frustrated right now.

Oh and tomorrow all of France is going on strike-high schools, colleges, public transportation. My first French strike, woooohooo! I was warned I’d probably get to experience a strike and my first week of classes is barely over and woo, a strike! How exciting! I’m not too sure what this strike is about… something about Sarkozy (French pres) and some new law and as usual, the French show their displeasure by going on strike as per usual. We were told to go to classes anyways just to make sure the profs weren’t there. Well that might be kind of an issue with the metro being disrupted. I’m definitely not walking all the way to the Mirail! Especially with the masses protesting in the streets. Maybe I’ll join them!

And it looks like I’m headed to Barcelona February break! The 2nd half of the week I have to take a mandatory trip to Paris with Dson but that first half is free for us to travel! I and 3 other girls are planning to go to Barcelona for a couple of days. I’m excited cuz Barcelona is a city I’ve always wanted to visit and this means I get to back to Spain, albeit briefly. Also they mostly speak Catalan in Barcelona and not Spanish. But who knows, maybe I’ll get to throw in some Spanish!

Also I don’t know why I’ve been blogging so much lately… and I don’t know if I will keep it up. We shall see!

One thing I’ve learned about living with boys: they gossip just as much about girls as girls do about boys. How refreshing to know!

Ok well that’s it for now people!