So even though I am already on a semi-vacation, the next two weeks are officially vacation for me. So if I had had a regular schedule up til now, I might have breathed a sigh of relief for the break. I have a crapload of work to do after the break and yeah I could have started it before, but really who does that? Unless you’re a weirdo like my sister… jajajaja je plaisante!

So yeah like I said, I am going to Rome, Berlin, Athens and then Scotland/Edinburgh/I don’t really know because my friend Megan hasn’t told me where we are going! She is studying at St. Andrews and wants to visit a lot of Scotland so I’m hoping she knows some places that might be fun to visit.

My host mother generously lent me a small suitcase to drag around for the next 17 days since there was nooooo way I was taking the gigantic LL Bean duffel like bag. I also asked her if I could borrow her son’s sleeping bag like I did for Barcelona but I think she forgot. And I don’t want to ask her again and be all annoying. I’ll just pay up the few extra euros for sheets at the hostels that make you pay. Or maybe I’ll just take some of the sheets on the bed I sleep on here! It all depends on what I fit in that little suitcase.

So I forget if I have mentioned this but my friend Kathryn and I are spending a week in Malaga after the program in Toulouse ends. I called Paqui a few weeks ago to make sure this was ok and as usual, she was her jolly old giggling self and seemed thrilled. I’m sure she’ll be glad to see me, but I also have to pay her for staying there so I think her getting money is also a big plus. I know you are all scratching your heads “Why do you have to pay?” Well that is how Paqui gets money! She rents her rooms to people who come to Spain to learn Spanish, especially those weeklong high school programs. There was a constant stream of students when I was living at Paqui’s, it was really entertaining when she made me translate into English for the girls who barely spoke a word of Spanish the house rules.

Anyways I called Paqui again today to see if it would be okay if la Sandrina tagged along which is a possibility seeing as how she has never set a foot in Espana before. And it turns out it’s more than ok as Paqui said “todos que quieren venir pueden!” So you hear that Sandrine, you can bring your whole crew if you wanted to! Except for Jose, because he is a guy and Paqui doesn’t host guys jajaja (which is true by the way). So sister, figure out your travel plans! Get in touch with your Spanish novio or whatever!

Ok so off I go on my Eurotrip wwwweeeeeeeeee!