So here I am in Malaga again! I arrive via train from Madrid with Kathryn on Sunday. We spent the night at a hostel in Madrid after taking Easyjet from Toulouse. I was worried my Spanish would be nonexistent since I haven’t spoken any since December. But fear not! My language skills haven’t completely disappeared.

We took a taxi to Paqui’s who was a little confused to see us since we had arrived an hour earlier than scheduled, but it was all good! She hugged and kissed me and I found I was still able to understand and talk to her so my Spanish is still there, wooo!

Anyways nothing much has changed here. Paqui is still Paqui, happy and giggly and adorable. Pelusa, the same dog who gave birth to puppies before I left, is pregnant again. Jaime is still sketchy and I still don’t understand a word Antonio says. The meals are pretty much the same and there are still random European girls living here learning Spanish. I actually got to meet a fellow Dickinsonian doing the Dickinson Malaga summer program!

But this time I’m with Kathryn and Hermanita! It took me forever to get to the airport today since some car broke down and the bus was stuck behind it for a good 10 minutes. And then I couldn’t find the right terminal where Hermanita was waiting. So I was so stressed out, we just took a taxi back to Paqui’s because I just couldn’t deal with the crazy bus.

We haven’t done much yet–we have walked up and down the Paseo Maritimo along the Mediterranean and that’s basically it. Tonight I will take the girls to El Pimpi, Malaga’s famous tapas restaurant, for dinner. And tomorrow we will visit Malaga and the rest of the week I have some other places I want to take them. I mean, I will admit Malaga is not the prettiest city in Spain and the beaches are kind of meh. So we will probs spend a day in Nerja so we can relax on nice looking beaches, instead of sand that looks like dirt.

And that’s about it! I probably won’t blog much this week because my internet access is limited. Paqui put us in the house next door (the one undergoing construction she intends to have all her sons live in) and the “apartment” is brand spanking new. We get a bathroom to ourselves which is fabulous. And a kitchen, even though only the fridge works.

Alright well that’s about it people. I will be back on US soil next Sunday. And I know I keep saying this, but it is going to be beyond weird to be back.

Much love from the Iberian peninsula,