Yup, I’m still alive. Even after 2 very stressful midterm weeks. And of course the work doesn’t stop there, it never does!

So what is going on with my life? Sort of a repetition of the last blog post. Work, study, eat, sleep… party? Maybe? Most weekends I have no energy to go out and I just want to stay home and sleep! So far I’ve only been to one bar in “downtown” Carlisle. (I put that in quotes because Carlisle doesn’t have much of a downtown area) The first weekend we were back and had no actual work, I somehow ended up in Fast Eddie’s with one of my Theta sisters. The bar is about as sketchy as the name and after the interesting experience, I doubt I will be going back there anytime soon.

However last weekend I got to go home for a few days and some of my Theta sisters came home with me! Well sort of. One of my friends from Dickinson lives in my area and she let the two other girls that accompanied us home sleep over at her house. These girls are both from the South and they haven’t been to NYC very often (actually I’ve talked about Megan before in my blog, she was the friend I visited in Scotland last April).

We got to spend the day in the City which included a visit to the NY Public Library (where Carrie Bradshaw gets stood up by Big at her wedding in the Sex and the City movie) which I have never been inside. It is absolutely beautiful in there though I don’t think I would actually get any work done because of all the people coming and going. We then meandered over to Bryant Park where NY Fashion Week is held and decided to revisit our childhoods and ride on the carousel. We also briefly stopped in Times Square before taking a taxi to Magnolia’s bakery which is famous for its cupcakes. A friend of mine has worked there for the past 2 summers and we actually went to the one she usually worked at on Bleecker Street. We each bought 2 cupcakes and they were absolutely delicious! The frosting is so rich though that after eating one cupcake, I had to save the 2nd for later.

We then went to Chinatown and wandered around the stores. I ended up buying a fleece like jacket for 22 bucks as did Megan. We then went to the TKTS booth in Times Square to buy tickets for a show that night. I have never done this before and it is something I should probably do again in the future. We got tickets half off for Mary Poppins and it was definitely worth it. We absolutely all loved the show, especially the song “Let’s Fly A Kite” because apparently that song was written specifically for our sorority (the kite is one of our symbols). And the tap dance during the Chim-Chim-Chimney song is fantastic! There were a lot of special effects included in the show but then I’ve liked all the Disney shows I’ve seen on Broadway (Lion King and Beauty and the Beast were the two others). So yeah Mary Poppins is definitely a show to go watch and there are some songs in the show not included in the movie.

The rest of the break was pretty quiet. I got to see some family one night at dinner. Oh and I got to go shopping with Mom for a whole day at the mall and bought some essentials. Then that night I met up with Megan and Morgan at a comedy club (my other friend had left for Philly to go see a concert). It was a lot of fun since I’ve never actually seen live stand up before. It was a very intimate setting but I was a bit confused about our host when he began interrogating the audience and where we were from. When he found out I was a Spanish major, he muttered something in garbled Spanish that I could not understand (he was not a native Spanish speaker and had terrible pronunciation) However we got ripped off with the whole drinks thing but whatever, it’s NYC and everything is expensive.

Then we headed back to Dickinson the next day. I read Morgan the directions as her copilot and Morgan drove as we followed the very confusing Googlemaps directions that told us to go North on I-95 to go South… but we figured it out in the end! Poor Megan slept in the backseat the whole way because she had not been feeling well the night before at the comedy club. As it turns out, she definitely had the flu (no idea if it was swine, the Health Center isn’t even testing for it anymore because it is too expensive and so many students have gotten sick). She is feeling better now but she was MIA for most of last week getting rest and being quarantined in her room.

Then Big/Little week kicked off and if you don’t know what that is, basically each sister in our sorority gets paired up with a new member and becomes her “Big Sister.” I was very excited for this because I was abroad last year and therefore had not gotten a Little. Megan and I share the same Big so we are “twin stars” (twin stars are the other Theta symbol). During the week, we sent packages and cards to our Littles’ mailboxes with tasks for them to do. Some girls had to wear Hawaiian lei necklaces or tiaras or take pictures with a certain number of frat guys… I did not make my Little do any of this because I didn’t really see the point in all that. During the scavenger hunt last Friday night, they were given clues about who their Bigs might be. They then were all gathered in the Theta houses and their Bigs were revealed to them. My Little found out who I was and we were both jumping up and down and hugging each other. We then changed venues and I gave her her Big/Little basket and welcomed her to the “Cat in the Hat family.” (All Bigs/Littles belong to some sort of animal themed family) If you are wondering why some of my pictures on Facebook include a girl wearing a tiara and a Cat in the Hat hat, that explains why.

Oh and the Dreamcatchers sessions are finally underway! For those of you that are curious, this club is not a support group for insomniacs! It is a mentoring program for middle school students from the Carlisle community. Once a week we meet with our mentee to help them with homework for an hour. Then the 2nd hour we do some kind of pre-planned fun activity. I was involved in the program sophomore year but I didn’t really like the mentee I was paired up with. However this year my mentee is awesome and she even hugged me when she had to leave. We also go on a field trip once a semester. For reasons beyond my control, I didn’t go on any of them sophomore year. This year we will be going to the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum in DC which I actually visited this past summer (my friend Megan interned there this past summer so my friend Katie and I went down for a weekend to hang out with her. Same girls I hung out with during Fall Pause). I also just recently saw the movie Night At the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian so all the more reason to go there! The club tries to keep the field trips fun but educational so museums/zoos/aquariums are usually the places we tend to go.

And I still have yet to figure out what I will be doing next year… it is the Great Mystery. I am trying to stay positive about this. I like to think I’m Nancy Drew, one of my favorite book series ever as a kid. And so like Nancy, I am trying to solve a mystery except the clues are very vague and the bad guys are possible future employers/grad schools. We had a grad school fair yesterday and there was some university from Hawaii called Southern Pacific Hawaii University or something like that… While I’m sure being a student in Hawaii is awesome, do people outside of Hawaii actually go there? Why would you go all the way to Hawaii when there are plenty of good grad schools within the continental US? And it’s not like they offered special grad programs… it was all pretty generic.

There was also a University of Stirling table and if you remember, I visited Stirling in Scotland with Megan. I did not get to visit the university campus (I didn’t even know there was one there) while I was there but a Theta sister of mine is completing her veterinary studies at the University of Glasgow. And Megan has now studied abroad at St. Andrews. Studying in Scotland would be kind of awesome but I’m trying to actually decide on a grad. school field before I decide on the location.

Oh and Halloween is coming up. I’m wondering if we are going to get any trick or treaters because the apartment I live in is on the fringe of campus, near a residential area. Mimi and I will probably buy some candy so we will see! I bought a maid costume to wear but I don’t even know if I am going to actually wear it… after 9th grade dressing up sort of lost its appeal for me. I miss being able to carve a pumpkin though.

This week is Semana Poetica, a week of poetry sponsored by all the language departments of Dickinson. Every night one or two different poets read their poems and do some Q & A. And since it is hosted by the language departments, as you can guess the poets are from all different countries. I went tonight to hear one the poets speak, Isabel de Perez-Montalban, since she is coming to my class tomorrow to talk about her poetry. Some of the poems we were given to read for class were read tonight. The other poet was Russian and he did his reading sort of strangely. Hee would read a line in Russian on an index card of his poem, followed by an American student reading the same line in English. It was kind of bizarre. The Q&A was kind of funny because at one point a question was directed at both poets and since neither of them really spoke English, there were two professors on hand to translate the question for them and their answers. The Spanish professor translating was actually my seminar professor who is kind of scary and intimidating.

And one last thing: I am pretty sure I will be graduating next spring. I probably have to talk to my advisor/academic advising to confirm it but after this semester, I only have one class left for my major and one or two classes left for my minor. So I’m 85% sure I will be graduating next May which means you should start looking for hotels to book in the Carlisle, PA area if you haven’t already. Hotels fill up early so I suggest you get a reservation now. And if I don’t graduate next May for some reason (but I should), you can always call the hotel and cancel your reservation. I already made the reservation for my family so you should too if you want to come! The graduation ceremony itself is very boring but the Dickinson campus in the spring is absolutely gorgeous. And much prettier than St. Lawrence’s… 😛

And there you go. My life in a blog post basically.