So here is my monthly update! I don’t really have time for anything more. I think last time we left off I was talking about Halloween and my future and other odds and ends…

Well Halloween was a lot of fun, I dressed up as a French maid (how original I know!) and I pretty much stuck to Megan’s side for most of the night (she was a firefighter). We went to a couple of different parties but we decided to stay on campus instead of venturing out to the bars. They were probably crowded anyways and I actually didn’t want to walk around downtown Carlisle in a costume. Plus I didn’t feel like paying for drinks because I am poor. A lot of people dressed up as the swine flu since Dickinson has been hit really hard by the epidemic. A couple of weeks ago, a lot of people were being sent home to recuperate. However it seems to have subsided for now. I’m actually vaccinated now, Dickinson received a bunch of doses last week and had a free open clinic kind of thing so I’m hoping the vaccine will keep the H1N1 at bay.

Last weekend the Dreamcatchers mentors and mentees went to DC (I talked about this in my last post) to the Natural History Museum. I had already been there this past summer when I visited Megan. Ugh, can I just say this time around the trip was crazy. I had to get up at 7 AM because we had to leave. Well, on the way there, we got really lost because we had the wrong directions (apparently there are two Air and Space Museums, one in VA and one in DC). The bus driver got mad at us for being unprepared and also kept yelling at the kids in the back who were getting antsy. She also had someone on the phone helping her with directions and she kept losing her temper with that person as well. We stopped at a gas station to get directions and of course all the kids had to get out and use the bathroom. We finally made it to DC but by the time we got into the museum, we had to eat lunch first to use the vouchers we had for the cafe. After going into the gift shop to appease the kids, we really only had maybe 2 hours to visit the museum. I love my mentee, she is great, but she has a very short attention span and is very energetic and dramatic. She kept zipping past all the exhibits while I tried to catch up with her so I didn’t really get to see anything. The only part she slowed down in was the small exhibit with live bugs such as tarantulas and caterpillars and bees. One museum volunteer had a caterpillar out for kids to see up close and she was letting people put it on their hands for a few seconds. My mentee and I decided to see what it felt like, and while it wasn’t slimy, it was very sticky!

So yeah we left around 3:30 PM and got lost on the way back again… when we finally got back to Carlisle I was so exhausted, I went to bad at 11 PM. On a Saturday! I really do enjoy Dreamcatchers though, despite the stressful trip. As an end of the semester get together, we are apparently going to watch The Polar Express in 3D with the mentees and their families. I actually really like that movie even though a lot of people are creeped out by the graphics.

And oh of course New Moon came out yesterday and literally everyone I know (well all the girls I know at least) has already seen it! I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to go yesterday but I had a paper to email to a professor at midnight (this would be my scary seminar professor who shall remain nameless) so I wasn’t able to do much unfortunately.

And of course I’ve been swamped with papers and projects and after Thanksgiving, it will only get worse because I will have all my final papers/exams/projects deadlines looming. I’m looking forward to going home for a few days and relaxing… but I will probably have to do some kind of work/have a serious talk with the parents about my future. Ugh, I hate growing up! It’s so scary and intimidating. Aren’t there any self help books about this? Transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood?

Added later:
And as you can tell I’m writing this post on another day because I am actually home now until Sunday! Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we all ate a wonderful meal complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, squash, brussel sprouts (which I did not touch), pumpkin bread… and dessert had pumpkin cheese cake, some kind of chocolate cake, apple pie and yeah we were spoiled! It was low key this year and not very crowded. Mom’s sister’s family is in Puerto Rico celebrating my aunt’s birthday (I think?) so it was just my family plus el primo frances and my mom’s brother’s family and my uncle’s college roommate. Oh and the dog, we brought him along which we probably shouldn’t have because he basically feasted all day long on crumbs and kept trying to eat the appetizers on the low table pre-dinner.

In sad news, a family friend passed away last Monday, a day before I came home. The place where we went for the wake was the same place we had the wake for Grandpa 3 years ago so it brought back a lot of sad memories. Nobody likes going to wakes or funerals because if you are directly part of the grieving family, it’s obviously hard. If you are a family friend unrelated to the family, it’s always kind of awkward because you never know what to say. Asking “How are you doing?” is sort of useless because obviously the family members are mourning. Death in general pretty much sucks. Yet it’s still a part of life so it’s not something we can ignore either. I know the family will get through this because as they say, time heals all wounds. And while I’ve always been on the fence in what exactly I believe religion wise, I’m sure that particular family member is definitely in a better place now. May he rest in peace.

Other than that, I’ve seen a few friends, seen some movies, and been ignoring my homework. I finally saw New Moon and it’s definitely an improvement of Twilight! The girl who plays Bella pretty much pouts and stays depressed throughout the whole movie just like in Twilight but it’s the actor who plays Jacob, Taylor Lautner, who steals the show. There were literally gasps and whistles when he first ripped off his shirt. The actor is only 17 in real life but that’s not stopping me from crushing on him! I’ve decided Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward, is too moody and emo for my liking. And I obviously will go see Eclipse and Breaking Dawn when they come out in theaters, I am a Twilight fan after all even though I recognize that the books aren’t that well written. There are a bunch of other issues as well but for the most part, I’ve been sucked into the Twilight universe.

In other campus news, not only do we keep getting email updates about prowlers sneaking into student housing, but a girl was attacked in front of the library around 2 AM early Tuesday morning. Some sketchy guy wearing a hoodie grabbed the girl and threatened to kill her. (I swear nearly all student/Carlisle resident altercations involve the perpetrator wearing a hoodie) Around that same time, I was actually at Fast Eddie’s (I know I vowed never to go there again however it was nearly devoid of townies on a Monday night) celebrating a friend’s 21st bday. I ended up getting driven home that night and it’s probably just as well considering the attack. The girl managed to escape and immediately notified DPS/Carlisle police. Honestly this really scares me because the library is a very public, very central location on campus. A lot of the email alerts we get involve students walking to parties off campus/to the bars and getting accosted by sketchy weirdos preying on students, hoping to steal their wallets. However every once in awhile the confrontations get violent and I remember sophomore year a student was “knifed” right by where I used to walk to and from the clay art studio.

I live on the fringe of campus, close to the Carlisle residential neighborhoods. Unfortunately, our campus is located smack in the middle of Carlisle, it’s not off to the side of the community like a lot of small liberal arts schools. Relations between the Carlisle community and the students aren’t that great, to be honest. Dickinson is a great school and if it weren’t for the school, there is no way I would ever think to actually live there. It’s in the middle of absolute nowhere. The town has gotten better over the years and it’s not as bad as you’d think (I’ve gotten used to its weirdness). However every once in awhile something ridiculous happens and let’s just say I’m happy to be getting away from the town once I graduate.

Oh and a professor is suspected of child pornography… yeah it’s been exciting at Dickinson. Can’t say so much for my hometown though, pretty much the same as ever. And that’s probably a good thing. I have to say though, I keep forgetting how big the houses are here! Whenever I come home I keep thinking all the big houses are new when they actually aren’t. Houses in Carlisle are smaller and I forget I come from a community of McMansions.

Anyways this was a much needed break. Only a few more weeks of torturous classes and then I am free until the end of January!

Now I’m going to go google image pictures of Taylor Lautner to add to my computer.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody and may everybody count their blessings!