In between writing about love in medieval Iberian works and analyzing characters, space, and time in Spanish plays (yes it’s finals and yes they are killing me), I just wanted to share this anecdote that happened in my contemporary Spanish lit. class yesterday.

My Spanish professor who teaches this class is the same guy who was the director in residence while I was in Malaga last year. Anyways it turns out he has a blog too which I found pretty easily after Googling its title. He posted an entry about displays of American patriotism and his thoughts about people taking their patriotic pride a little too far. In the entry, he linked to a specific website to show what he meant by extreme nationalistic pride.

Well it turns out his entry was bombarded with vicious comments and he was sent several emails attacking him and his blog. He read one of the emails aloud to us and not only did it contain several curse words, but the guy who wrote it directly attacked my professor’s family, saying ridiculous things such as “you are what is wrong with this country.” The email basically amounted to a death threat which is scary enough in itself. My professor was obviously rattled by the whole experience and it just made me realize once again you have to be careful the way you word things online. Tone is not easy to read so people always misinterpret things. My professor was also concerned because it would honestly not be hard to track him down since he has personal pictures online of his family and the blog’s URL even has his full name in it.

I’m not going to link back to the website my professor did because honestly I don’t need a bunch of hate mail right in the middle of final exams and papers. But honestly the fact that these people take the time out of their (what I’m assuming is incredibly dull) day to attack people they don’t even know? That’s just mind boggling and honestly I think that is what is wrong with our country… I can vouch for my professor and say he is a mild-mannered American citizen who was just expressing his opinion about a topic. Free speech anyone? You’re allowed to disagree but it’s not okay to start sending death threats! People need to chill out!

I briefly looked at the website my professor used as an example and well… I have a few choice things to say about it obviously. But I’m going to censor myself because I don’t need a bunch of idiots telling me what I should think and making judgments about me when they don’t even know who I am. This is partly why I avoid political discussions and I’m glad I’ve mostly avoided politics in this blog.

So yeah I will definitely be very careful what I talk about from now. Definitely nothing to do with politics! Hopefully my entries about my mundane life are too boring for the idiots to respond to.

Ok back to haunting the library!