I finally made it home!!!! After many train delays due to snow and getting stuck in Philly for 3 hours, I made it home! I was traveling with a friend who lives in my area so we were miserable together. It was definitely nice to have company for a change since I usually end up traveling home alone. I had a feeling there would be delays due to the snow anyways so I wasn’t too surprised when I got off the train in Philly to see my connecting train and all other connecting traisn were supremely late.

But yes, what about that snowstorm? It started snowing in central PA around 2 AM (I know this because I was still up writing a seminar paper…. and I was with a friend writing the same paper for the same class so I wasn’t the only one doing it at the last minute!) In fact we kept taking breaks to peek outside the Theta House (where my friend lives) to see if it had started snowing since it was the only thing the news had been talking about for the past few days. And sure enough, before we knew it a light powder filled the streets and sidewalks. By the time I left my friend at 4 AM to go back home (who kept working on righp up until the 2 PM deadline!), there were a good couple of inches.

And of course the next morning, there was quite a lot. I even saw 2 women cross country skiing at one point, there was that much snow! It didn’t stop snowing until well into Saturday night. I spent my last night on campus hanging out with the Thetas that had not gone home yet either because 1) they were snowed in for the day 2) they had had papers/exams that Saturday like me.

I have to say, this finals week was very, very stressful. Dickinson cut a reading day from the exam schedule because they thought by doing so, they would get the students out of there faster and cut back on utility/heating costs. Well, that only ended up in a really stressed out student body. Facebook was full of “15 pages to go” status updates. Not a great move on Dickinson’s part. I literally was going to bed at 6 AM and sleeping until 1 PM, throwing off my sleeping schedule entirely. And on top of that, I was running low on meal points so I also ended up starving too. I seriously hope exams next semester are not this stressful… I am alo not taking 3 literature classes next semester so I w0n’t be analyzing any more plays, books, poems, or what have you. In fact, no more lit classes for me! I enjoy reading, as everybody knows, but analyzing literature is one of the things I hate the most. Authors don’t think about half the stuff people come up with in papers based on their works anyways.

So our Christmas tree is up and decorated, Mom has made her bonbons and lebcookins (I seriously have no idea how to spell that, it’s the German cookies), I picked up the geese for Christmas dinner, the lights are up outside, and there is snow on the ground. Definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Oh and the newsletter/Christmas pictures have been sent out. And after Christmas, we are headed to Killington, VT for a couple of days of skiing. I can’t wait, I haven’t been skiing in 2 years since last year I was abroad in Europe. I suppose I could have gone skiing in the Pyrenees near Toulouse if I had really wanted to, but I didn’t have the equipment or the clothes for it.

Other than studying for the GRE, I expect to fully relax these next 5 weeks. Besides studying for that and carrying around Milou, that is the most I am going to exert myself. (Oh and the skiing).

Oh yeah, because Milou basically can’t walk anymore. On Sunday when the storm hit NY, my parents let him run around outside as they shoveled the driveway. Either he is still extremely sore from all that running or he tore a ligament or something. He has been in a lot of pain since then 😦 and hobbles around the house. Going outside to pee is a huge chore. I’ve been carrying him up and down stairs and giving him a lot of TLC because he is absolutely miserable due to all the pain he is in. Here’s hoping in a few days he’ll be better. But no more running for him, he is too old for that now! However he still gave me the welcome home dance so at least he was happy enough to see me. 🙂

Ok well hope everyone is psyched for Christmas/Hannukah/holiday vacation. Safe traveling and all of that!