So I know I haven’t posted much since February but it didn’t seem there was much to talk about.

However I just came back from one of the most awesome spring breaks ever and I will do my best to blog about it sometime later this week! I may divide it into several posts because I know a lot of people were not fond of my Tolstoy long posts last year when I described my two week spring break last year when I was abroad.  Just to give a heads up about what I will cover: the dramatic plane ride to Las Vegas, Death Valley in CA, Zion National Park/Coral Sand Dunes State Park/Bryce Canyon/Grand Staircase-Escalante Parks in southern Utah and walking along the strip in Las Vegas.  Oh and we got to see Cirque du Soleil’s show O our last night.  And yes we did that all in a week.

I’m back on campus and it seems like I have 45684 things to do which surprises me since I’m only taking 3 classes this semester.  But only part of it is schoolwork related, it seems like I need to track down lots of people and get them to do specific things for me.  Always fun.

I posted all the pictures of my spring break trip on Facebook so if you are friends with me, you can take a look at them.  Apparently Papa wasn’t thrilled with Mom’s pictures so here is hoping I took some decent ones!

And that’s really about it.  Once I figure out how to get everything I need to do to get done, I will blog about our trip.