So I did it! I managed to import my blog from Blogger onto WordPress! It actually wasn’t that hard once I figured it out.  I am still getting used to WordPress and there are a lot of new features I don’t understand but with time I think I’ll be able to handle it.  What I loved about Blogger is that it was so easy to use.  But I wanted my blog to look more polished and be able to do more with it.  What that more is, I’m not so sure but after some research and thinking, I decided moving to WordPress would be a better fit.  I eventually will delete Amelie’s European Adventures because all my posts are now here and I don’t really see the need for two blogs.

I also decided to change the title.  Lost in Traduccion is a great way to sum up my life since I’ve been exposed to a foreign language (in my case French) since the day I was born.  After I started taking Spanish in middle school, I didn’t realize that adding another language to my repertoire would be a life-changing decision.  And now that I’ve decided to take up translation studies, the expression applies to me that much more.  It also describes the way I feel most of the time when it comes to navigating 3 languages: super confused and I always feel like there is a question mark hanging over my head like a character in a comic book.

I leave for Madrid, Spain Friday night and I’m arriving around noon on Saturday.  So the language adventures are going to continue for the next year.  I’m feeling about the same way I felt two years ago before I left for my junior year abroad.  I basically didn’t get nervous until I arrived at the airport and had to say good-bye to my family.

I’ll blog more later this week before I leave but right now I’m supposed to be packing.