Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past month.  Classes have started and predictably schoolwork is taking up  my life.  There was some apartment drama and I had no Internet for a week and I really didn’t want to update my blog using the NYU computers in the printing lounge.

Most of you who read this blog know all about the apartment fiasco but I will try to sum it up as best as I can because I definitely learned an important lesson after it blew over.

So in my last entry I mentioned I was living in an apartment in Prosperidad with two girls from my program.  I’m still living with the same two girls and we still live in the same neighborhood but we have obviously switched apartments.  To cut to the chase, we started looking at other apartments online because we were not too happy with the first place we lived in.  There are a few different reasons I won’t go into but anyways, we looked at two apartments in one day and fell in love with the second one we saw.  We were told by the landlord some other girls were interested in it so we made the decision on the spot and told them we were seriously interested.

When we returned to our first apartment, we realized we had to tell our “landlord” (technically our subletter) that we had found another apartment and wanted to move out.  She had left town that day and unfortunately we had to break the news to her on the phone which wasn’t the best way to go about it.  She is also a nice girl which made telling her we wanted to leave that much harder.  However we didn’t have a contract so technically our living situation was never legal to begin with (even though we did find this place through NYU, ironically enough when they warned us against living in apartments with no contracts).

Obviously Subletter person wasn’t too happy with us but we went ahead and paid part of the deposit that night.  The next day, one of my roommates and I spent an entire night trucking our stuff back and forth between the apartments (which are about 5 minute walking distance from each other so that made moving in not too stressful).  During our move, Subletter actually showed up and it was kind of awkward since she wanted to know all about our new apartment and why we had decided to move out.

Anyways we are all moved in now, have paid the deposit and first month’s rent, and have signed the lease.  Now we’re looking for a fourth roommate since there is an extra bedroom available.  This will also make the rent significantly cheaper for all of us.  We’re also still buying random things for the apartment that didn’t come with it when we moved in.  Fortunately the Internet got installed this weekend so we are all very happy about that!

And what is the apartment like? It’s awesome! 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (necessary for 4 girls!), a spacious living room/eating area, a balcony (which we didn’t know when we first saw it), a really sweet flat screen TV, a kitchen with a DISH WASHER (a lot of apartments in Spain do not have this) and a washer machine AND it’s an electric stove so I no longer have to use a lighter after I turn on the gas and burn my hand off in the process.  We get a lot more natural light than in the last place and no more orange walls (which I didn’t mind too much but now I realize I definitely prefer the neutral cream color in this place).  And we also don’t have to use the elevator anymore since we are on the first floor (technically the second floor by US standards).

We are also no longer using the clothesline to dry our clothes.  The clothesline configuration in this new piso is kind of weird and can only be accessed by two of the bedrooms.  We went to los chinos to buy a drying rack (I don’t know what I would do without the Chinese stores here, they’ve got EVERYTHING you need to survive in life) and have set it out on the balcony that way our clothes can still air dry.  And when it rains, the clothes won’t get wet because the balcony is covered!

My bedroom seems to be about the same size as the last place and my window faces the street so I get a lot of natural light.  Of course, I get to hear all the street noise as well but I’ve found that when I turn on my fan (my first purchase from los chinos and oh how useful it has become), I can’t really hear anything which is lovely.

So yes changing apartments, that was a big piece of major news.  I’m glad I didn’t have to go through it alone though because I would have been overwhelmed at the prospect of calling up people and speaking to them in Spanish.  I think most people learning another language dread having to make phone calls and speaking in the foreign language.  It’s so much harder because you can’t see the person you’re talking to and you can’t gesture or look confused.

Obviously more has happened and I PROMISE to get to it asap.  Hope all is well wherever you are reading from in the world!