Okay so for now what I’ve really been up to.  The last post was just meant to reflect over my time here and I decided reflection + summary of what I’ve been up to would just turn into a Tolstoy long blog post.  We all know how fond I am of writing those.  So I am trying to avoid that.

Ummm so when we left off I was telling you guys all about my trip to the Basque Country which was in mid-march.  About a month and a half has gone by since.

Well during that time, I’ve been obsessing over my health.  Some of you may know how crazy I can get as soon as I don’t feel well.  During the trip to the Basque Country, I got some kind of stomach virus.  But I recovered about a week later and was fine.  But then my throat started burning.  And I mean BURNING.  It felt like it was on fire.  This wasn’t your typical sore throat feeling.  I felt like a bonfire was raging in my throat… it felt like hell.  Literally.

And then I got a sinus infection during the first week of spring break.  The pressure caused by my blocked sinuses made me feel like a zombie.  I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t sleep.  I was miserable.  And of course I was looking up my symptoms online trying to self diagnose… never a good idea since all you find online are incurable rare diseases.  Which I then become convinced that I must have.

I ended up seeing the doctor about 4 times… which drove me crazy, because I never get sick.  I’ve only gotten one cold since being in Europe and that was at Christmas time.  I collected so many drugs from the farmacia and ended up going to different ones in the neighborhood because I didn’t want the pharmacists to think I was a hypochondriac (which I am but anyways).  After taking a multitude of drugs, I recovered just in time for my parents’ visit.  However my sinuses are still hurting… which led my mother to conclude I had allergies and brought me lots of cough drops and Claritin.  And I guess I do… but I’ve never had them so bad to the point where they turned into a full blown sinus infection.  So as usual, much ado about nothing.  The only thing I can do is wait for spring to be over.