So I was totally unaware until yesterday that apparently some cracked out idiot has predicted the end of the world for the zillionth time.  Some crazy guy out on Staten Island (what a surprise that he is from Staten Island) has made it his mission to warn his fellow New Yorkers by plastering ads on bus shelters all around the city.  The New York Daily News even had a reporter accompany him around on his “last day” live tweeting.  The last thing the guy wanted to do was take his Bible and head to TIMES SQUARE (WHAT did I say about crazy people predicting the end of the world in Times Square a few posts ago? Seriously, can’t these people be more original?).

Ugh… I don’t want to get into religious debate here, but I’m pretty sure the whole point of Judgment Day is that we’re not supposed to expect it.  So expecting it seems to defeat the whole purpose of it.

Yeah so it seems that people have gathered in Times Square waiting for the end of the world.  I seriously can’t wait to ask my parents what it was like in New York tomorrow on Skype, since I know they were headed into the city for dinner.

So yeah, while the end of the world would be convenient for my thesis, I’m 100% sure it’s not going to happen.  If it does happen during my lifetime, it is going to go something like the following video which you have most likely already seen:

It’s an oldie but a goodie (obviously made during the Bush administration).  My sister and I used to quote this to each other.  Speaking of my sister, she is now in Spain sunburning somewhere on the island of Mallorca.  She’ll join me here in Madrid for a few days and is arriving on Thursday.  So yeah, expect a blog post about that in the future, assuming the end of the world doesn’t happen before then.

As far as I can tell, Spaniards really don’t seem to give a crap about the end of the world.  There’s a bunch of young people who have currently taken over Puerta del Sol because there are a lot of important political elections going on right now (not presidential though, those will happen next year).  And the protests have been going on for a couple of days.  But yeah no end of the world brouhaha over here as far as I can tell.