This post is to let off steam more than anything else.  I finally turned in my thesis to my adviser today.  After a whole semester of narrowing down my thesis topic, research, and finally writing the damn thing (a process which took about 6 weeks), I am almost done!! It’s a little weird to think in a few short weeks, I will officially no longer be a student (or come September whenever NYU gets around to mailing out our diplomas).  I’ve been a student since the age of 3, it’s so strange to think days of studying for tests, reading, and writing papers are almost over.  I will be hanging out in a school next year, but not as a student.  What a weird role reversal that’s going to be!

My adviser needs to read my thesis and let me know if I should make any more revisions.  But barring any major revisions, I should be able to turn in the 3 required copies (PDF version, loose leaf version, and an official glossy bound version) in the next two weeks to our MA coordinator.

I won’t be able to run around and get all this done next week because I am going to France! I’m meeting up with a friend in Paris and staying with some relatives for a few days.  Then my friend and I are going to the Loire Valley to chateau-hop around.  I’ve been to the Loire Valley before but I was very young and I don’t remember all that much.

This trip is sort of like a celebratory getaway for finally turning in my thesis.  I also get to spend time with a friend and do it in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

In fact, Nicole, my roommate, visited France for the first time a few weeks ago and coincidentally visited my father’s hometown, Rouen.  She also seems to have fallen under France’s charm.  Now obviously, I love Spain and I also think it’s an equally beautiful country.  But I kind of need a change of scenery after pretty much being in Madrid for six straight months (though I did go to Salamanca and Toledo and El Escorial while my parents were here and NYU took us to the Basque Country in March).

I don’t expect to write another post until I come back to Madrid in August, though I might post some pictures of my trip to France.  We’ll see.

Anyways nothing too groundbreaking to report, apart from the fact that it looks like I will be getting my master’s degree come September (when we officially graduate).

Expect more posts in the months to come when Nicole and I return to Madrid in August and gear up for a year of teaching little Spanish children.  I’m not too sure how that’s going to pan out but like everything else in my life, it will be probably be a roller coaster of ridiculous ups and downs.

Alright well I’m signing off for a little while.  Enjoy your summers!


PS.  One last thing to comment on: how the hell do Spaniards survive without central air conditioning in the summer? It’s been in the 90s/100 degrees pretty much the whole month of June.  It is so ridiculously hot at 5 PM in the afternoon.  I think Spaniards think I’m kidding when I tell them AC is like a religion during the summer in the US.  Luckily though my apartment has got an AC unit installed in our living room (and in my bedroom but I don’t keep on in there because it’s too noisy for my liking).  I seriously have no idea how we would survive otherwise.