When you decide to live abroad, it’s a love/hate relationship. There are some moments where you absolutely love it and you can’t imagine living somewhere else. There are other moments where you wonder why the hell you thought it was worth it. For me, most of it has to do with homesickness. It’s a never ending cycle. I go weeks without feeling homesick and I go about my daily business feeling fine.

And then out of the blue you see something or you hear something that makes you think of home. Sometimes the homesickness feeling is faint and it vanishes within seconds. Other times it lingers for a few days and is a little harder to shake.

This most recent bout of homesickness has to do with Dickinson College, the school where I got my Bachelor’s degree. It may not be the most famous liberal arts school out there (it often gets confused with Fairleigh Dickinson which is in New Jersey). And this opinion is very biased but I think it has one of the prettiest college campuses I have ever seen (and I visited a lot of college campuses in high school with my mom… about 30 to be exact).

I had completely forgotten how beautiful Dickinson is during the spring when all the flowers are in bloom. Dickinson made damn sure I was reminded of this when the Dickinson College group on Facebook posted several pictures of the Japanese cherry blossom trees to my Facebook newsfeed:

In front of the Admissions house:

In front of the HUB/student center:

One of the signature red Adirondack chairs that dot the campus in the fall and in the spring:

I mean, if you went to Dickinson College, I think it’s impossible not to feel nostalgic and start reminiscing as soon as you see these pictures. And if you didn’t, I still think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s a beautiful campus in the springtime.

It has been almost 2 years since I graduated from Dickinson College. And it amazes me how much has happened in the span of 2 years. I went back to Spain, got a master’s, and stayed another year to teach English. And somehow unintentionally decided to “engage the world” (Dickinson’s official slogan) in my own way. I never really thought I would but I guess I am. 🙂 I think my alma mater would be proud of me.