Ugh I am so behind on my blogging. It’s taking me forever to get through this Semana Santa trip! Luckily I’m getting towards the end here.

After the highly enjoyable Sound of Music tour, we visited the Mirabell Gardens, located behind the Mirabell Palace in downtown Salzburg. There isn’t much to say about the gardens, but they are rather delightful. All geometric and full of statues of obscure figures from Greek or Roman mythology. I’m sure they are even more lovely when it isn’t pouring rain and when it isn’t freezing outside. The gardens were used in scenes during the “Do Re Mi” song sequence in the Sound of Music–so if you are a huge Sound of Music buff, make sure you stop by here!

Here are some pictures of the Pegasus fountain which is featured in the Do Re Mi song:


Some kind of bizarre gnome garden with statues full of gnomes:



Maria frolicked under this hedge arch (apparently called a “pergola” in fancy terms) in the Do Re Mi Song:

Some flowers and Greek statues:


These statues reaching towards each other were also featured in the Do Re Mi scenes:


And the Do Re Mi steps themselves (with a unicorn), in which the children hopped onto the different steps to represent the different notes in the song:


Up next: more Salzburg goodness. After Salzburg, I still have Vienna left to cover. And I also have stuff I want to cover about what I’ve been up to in Spain. Like I said, so much blogging to catch up on! I will hopefully get some posts written this weekend!