And here is yet another post devoted to Salzburg, Austria! At this point, I think it’s safe to say it was probably my favorite part of the trip! Despite the miserable weather, I really enjoyed it! I would LOVE to go back again and go skiing or hiking and explore the mountains around the city. There is so much to do in the area! Did you know that there even ice caves?!?! They’re open only in the summer because it’s obviously way too cold for visitors during the winter.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Salzburg Dom aka the Cathedral. Mozart was also baptized here!



These are pictures of the Petersfriedhof–aka St. Peter’s Cemetery. I know this is going to sound really weird, but I really enjoyed walking through this cemetery. It’s well-maintained and the majority of the graves are still well-kept with flowers planted in the different plots. Parts of the Sound of Music were also filmed here (remember when the Von Trapps hid in the cemetery from the Nazis in the movie?). There are also some catacombs built into the mountains overlooking the cemetery.



An old fountain with these stunning paintings of horses in the background. I think this used to be a fountain where horses used to drink from back in the day. It was also featured in the Sound of Music (there is no escaping this movie anywhere you go in this city).



Some random squares around the Old City:



Not so sure what the deal is with the giant chessboard. Also while it’s cut off in the picture, there is this giant golden ball in the same square with a statue of a man standing on top of it. I asked a vendor what the story was behind the weird giant sculpture. She shrugged her shoulders and said the artist was German. Hah!

And here are some delicious pretzels and a street performer impersonating Mozart.  I still don’t know how this performer achieved this particular optical illusion!


Also what is it with pretzels and Austria/Germany? They were all over the place in bakeries in both countries. Were pretzels invented in Austria?

I still have one more post to write for Salzburg. I’m sorry if you are sick of seeing pictures of this city, but I took so many pictures in the span of 2 days. If I haven’t yet convinced anybody that this city is worth visiting yet, maybe the next post will!