I had to quickly share this. I was tooling around on Youtube about a week ago (as I tend to do) and I happened across this cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” performed by three siblings from Mexico. Now I realize Adele has been covered by thousands of people on Youtube, but I am not the only who did a double take when I first listened to these three young kids.

Aberlardo and Gustavo, (15 and 13) the two brothers, play instruments and their younger sister Angela (11 years old)  provides the vocals. Their father filmed and uploaded the Rolling in the Deep cover back in November and to date the video has gotten over 70 million hits. They’ve been featured on television, including the American program “Good Morning America.” I’m not sure how popular they are in the English speaking world, but they’ve been taking the Spanish speaking world by storm since they surfaced on the Internet last November.

Tonight, I happened to be watching “El Hormiguero,” a tv program here in Spain that airs every night. And lo and behold, they performed on the program! Angela didn’t sing that well, but it seems she was actually sick and has tonsillitis. I’ve read some of the (Spanish) comments on Youtube and many people accused the children’s father, who is a music producer, of digitally changing Angela’s voice. However, I found another video of her singing live and she sounded fine. So I am going to go with the assumption that tonight her voice was affected by her illness.

So if you haven’t already seen these 3 talented kids yet, I recommend you watch the video and check out their Youtube channel. I’m already a huge fan. All the songs are covers of English songs, so I don’t want to hear the excuse “But I don’t understand Spanish.” Seriously, watch out Justin Bieber!