Today’s blog post will be very brief. Today is July 4th, also known as Independence Day in the USA. It is also a French relative’s birthday as my mother jokingly commented on Facebook, “All of America is celebrating with you!” (Yes both my parents have Facebook. Including my French grandmother, though she stated she merely likes to “observe,” which is the grandmotherly equivalent of spying on all of us to keep us in line.) My country is 236 years old today!

I have no grand plans to celebrate July 4th this year since I am still in Spain. However I came across this hilarious post from Buzz Feed listing “25 reasons America kicks ass.”

Here is the link for your viewing pleasure:

Now I realize not all of them are accurate, in particular #12 which says we are pretty good at soccer. The Women’s Team definitely does kick ass and has won the Women’s World Cup twice (the USA even hosted it twice!). They also faced off against Japan last year in the finals but ultimately lost.

But the Men’s Team? I don’t think so. While I would love soccer to gain more momentum in the USA, I just don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. American football (ew) and baseball (which I find so boring) dominate.

For those of you State side, enjoy the hamburgers, hot dogs,  parades, and fireworks! But most importantly, be safe!