I like to share videos on this blog that are related to language, specifically the French or Spanish language. I’ve already shared David Sedaris reading an excerpt from his book Me Talk Pretty One Day about his adventures living in Paris and going to French class. I also shared this short movie depicting a woman going through the bureaucratic process of registering as a freelance worker in Spain and outwitting the government employee who tries to make her jump through several, tedious, unnecessary hoops in order to get the stamp on her form. (For us Americans who don’t really have to deal with this kind of mumbo jumbo, think of a nightmarish trip to the DMV–for you non-Americans, the Department of Motor Vehicles is the hellish place we Americans must go to get our driver’s license). Even if the Spanish short movie (with English subtitles) seems like a gross exaggeration and a caricature of Spanish bureaucracy, it’s scarily not that far from the truth.

The following video I’m going to share also deals with the Spanish language in a rather humorous way. Even if you never took Spanish in school, I’m sure you remember all the basic words you first learned that first year you started taking a second language, be it French, Italian, Chinese, or what have you. The list probably looked something like this: boy/girl, mother/father, house, cat, dog, book, table, chair, library, hospital, numbers, the alphabet, what time is it?, how old are you?, happy birthday! and so on and so forth.

The guy in this video decided to make a compilation of all these basic words and phrases and turn it into a song dubbed the “One Semester of Spanish Love Song”–meaning all the vocabulary in this song are words you would learn in a first level university class (or the equivalent of Spanish 1 in high school). Spanish Mike (as the guy in the video has dubbed himself) proceeds to serenade a beautiful Latina woman using such seductive phrases as “Que hora es?” (What time is it?) and “Donde esta el bano?” (Where is the bathroom). It starts off promising enough with “Hola Senorita, como te llamas? Me llamo Mike” (Hello Senorita, what is your name? My name is Mike) but then it all does downhill (in a good way) from there. To his credit, Spanish Mike does include Antonio Banderas as part of his “vocabulary” but I’m afraid it’s not enough to capture his heart’s desire. The video is all the more hilarious because of the way Spanish Mike pronounces the words–with a very strong American accent.

Chances are, you’ve probably already seen this video if you are/were a student learning Spanish or an expat living abroad. The whole video is hysterical, but what is even more hysterical is how the girl somehow never breaks character. There are a few moments in which you can tell she is struggling not to laugh, but she manages to look bored and rather uninterested by Spanish Mike’s attempt to seduce her. I have a feeling there were many, many outtakes for the making of this video–there is no way she could have kept a straight face the entire time they were filming.

You may not enjoy this video if you have zero knowledge of Spanish (there are no subtitles) but the vocabulary is very basic and there are even pictures that go along with the lyrics so you can (sort of) understand what is going on. Enjoy! (If you are interested, Spanish Mike made a follow up video appropriately titled Second Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song along with some famous telenovela actor from Telemundo that I have never heard of because I do not like watching Telemundo).