I’ve been gone most of the month of August and I haven’t been paying all that much attention to my blog stats. I am proud to say way more people visit my blog than they did a year ago. About eight months ago, I consciously made the decision to change the way I blog–the way I write, the decision to add more pictures (people like looking at pretty pictures), and to comment on other people’s blogs/follow other people. And look! I have subscribers now. That was not the case a year ago. I have all my lovely subscribers to thank!

My page views spiked on August 21st and I could not for the life of me figure out why. I hadn’t been Freshly Pressed and I hadn’t written anything substantial since the beginning of August. The top post of the day with over 300 views (which may not seem like a lot to some of you bloggers but it was for me) was “Introducing the Duquesa de Alba: Ridiculous or Awesome? You Decide” which I wrote last December. I’ve known about the gutsy Duquesa since I first studied abroad in Spain in 2008–she truly fascinates me. So why not write a post about her?

I didn’t understand all the traffic my blog was getting until I eventually spotted an article on the gossip website Celebitchy covering the Duquesa on her summer vacation–though she is a Duquesa and incredibly rich, she must feel like she is always on vacation. In the pictures, the Duquesa was wandering around the beach holding her husband’s hand (she got married for the third time last fall) in a bikini. Not so unusual right? Except the Duquesa is 86 years old and most 86 years olds I know don’t wear bikinis. You can see the pictures over here at Huffington Post.

This is not the first time Cayetana (the Duquesa’s first name) has worn a bikini–she obviously wore them when she was younger but she hasn’t ever stopped wearing them. I already knew about the Duquesa’s penchant for bikinis but I guess the rest of the world hadn’t. I’m not so sure why this specific instance of her donning a bikini got so much media attention–she’s done it before which is something I discovered when I wrote the original post while searching for “Duquesa de Alba” pictures in Google Images. However, her most recent bikini outing somehow bumped up my blog to number three in the Google Search for “duquesa de Alba.” Imagine my surprise when I did a search on August 21st in Google and my blog popped on the first page of results!

When I finally made the connection between the bikini clad Duquesa and the spike in blog views, I was stunned. The whole thing is just hysterical. And the thing is, I wrote that post months before the Duquesa Bikini Incident. I would like to thank Cayetana for, well, just being herself and can only encourage her to keep wearing bikinis. Knowing her, this won’t be the last time we see her in one.

Gracias Cayetana!