There isn’t much to say about these pictures because they are self-explanatory. My uncle Denis (so my father’s younger brother, who coincidentally is also married to an American woman) was vacationing in the same area as us and our stays in Provence overlapped by a week. He invited everybody staying at our house over for dinner (so that would be 9 people–my parents, me, my uncle and aunt, and my mom’s college buddy’s family of four) one night. Their rental house was isolated in the middle of a vineyard–or at least it looked like a vineyard to me–and was not visible from the main road. It was a beautiful building but the views at sunset from this place were stunning. I leave you with a few images I took. Isn’t this sunset just spectacular? Oh and the house came with an infinity pool.






My uncle Marc transferred all the pictures he took during our two week stay in Provence on my computer and his pictures are far superior quality. I won’t feel bad if you think his pictures look better because it’s the truth!




My apologies if you have severe arachnophobia. We were all sitting out on the patio talking and listening to music when we spotted this gargantuan spider just minding its own business in the dark hanging out (oooh a pun!) in its web. It gave us the chills looking at it but my uncle got a great shot of it!

On the way to Uncle Denis’s rental house, we stopped by this old windmill which inspired the setting for the book Lettres de Mon Moulin (Letters From My Windmill) by French author Alphonse Daudet. This is now on my to read list! I don’t read enough French/Spanish literature and I’m ashamed to admit it. Here’s hoping the book will transport me mentally back to Provence.


There was also a lot of dancing involved that night (fact: French people love to dance and do it very well) and it was a lot of fun.  My uncle took some hilarious action shots of the dancing which I really, really wish I could share on this blog. However if I ever made them public, my mother would probably disown me, mostly because she is the the object of hilarity in every dancing picture (and she isn’t a bad dancer by the way, she can really move it). I feel like the WordPress community would really get a kick out of it and crown my mother as the Queen of Awesomeness. However, I know my mother would feel differently and I’d rather be kept in the will! So just imagine a woman with dark brown hair who kind of looks like me with some funky white lady dance moves.