I meant to write another Provence trip update this week, but then Hurricane Sandy barreled its way up the East Coast of the United States and pummeled the Northeast. I am sure everyone has seen the jaw dropping pictures of a flooded Atlantic City and Lower Manhattan sitting in the dark without power.

The hurricane may be over, but the recovery efforts are still underway. Westchester County (where I’m from) was hit particularly hard. In my hometown alone, about 90% of residents lost power. Three huge trees came down around my house, but luckily the house (and our cars) were spared. I don’t have pictures yet, because I’ve been in Boston this week with my mom. My house still doesn’t have power, which means my father and sister are dealing with no heat at night when the temperatures drop to around 45 degrees. My relatives who live in the area are all okay too. However my aunt and uncle’s outdoor patio did sustain some damage, and a tree fell only five feet from their house.

I’ve been following the news closely and I have been reading articles saying it might take 8-10 days before power is restored to everyone. The devastation Sandy wrought was exacerbated by the fact that my town is located below sea level along the Long Island Sound. Add to the fact it was the full moon and the tide cycles and you end up with a whole lot of flooding, especially at the peak of high tide. I don’t think it is a stretch to say this has been one of the most devastating hurricanes in living memory for the East Coast.

Below are some pictures of the damage caused by Sandy to the boardwalk along the beach and around Playland, the local amusement park. I did a double take when I saw the pictures of the intact benches and lamp posts floating out to the Long Island Sound on what used to be part of the boardwalk. I do not know if these benches and lamp posts are still floating around, but I am hoping they can be retrieved.

These are pictures of flooding near the harbor, where my father keeps his boat. We got word the boat is okay. I also think the jeep looking car is the National Guard, surveying the damage.


Many trees fell down, blocking roads and bringing down power lines. One unfortunate car was completely crushed by this giant of a tree. Another resident took a picture of a hole in the roof from inside the house with a few branches dangling through. Talk about making an entrance. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it). Some stores on the main street, like Shoes N More, boarded up their windows and door in an effort to minimize the impact of the hurricane.



One of the craziest pictures I saw though (and there were many) was this boat that somehow ended up on the train tracks near Ossining, a town a bit further north from my town. It somehow got unattached from its mooring and got pushed onto land by the wind. The first picture was Tweeted out by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

It will be awhile before the power gets turned back on and all the trees are cleared. A lot of buildings will have to be repaired, along with the boardwalk. I can’t even imagine having to deal with Lower Manhattan right now. All the stores are closed, the subway isn’t running, and they have no power. My family escaped relatively unscathed, but others were not as fortunate. If you had to be evacuated, here’s hoping you will get to go home soon.

Safe to say we New Yorkers are very much looking forward to the end of the 2012 hurricane season!

All pictures taken from Rye Patch and the Rye Record. Click on the links for more pictures.

P.S. The hurricane damage was so serious, that the mayor’s office had to cancel Halloween! First time ever that I can remember Halloween having to be “rescheduled.”