After the calanques boat tour, we walked around Cassis (which incidentally is also French for blackcurrant) for a bit and enjoyed the super packed beach. For some reason, I did not take many pictures of Cassis. I’m not too sure why because it is such a charming little coastal village. Uncle Marc’s photos to the rescue!



After strolling around downtown Cassis, we then drove up into the mountains to get a look of the surrounding calanques and coast from up above. This proved to be a rather scary ordeal which involved our rental car stalling on the steep mountain roads, refusing to allow my father to shift to a higher gear (proving my theory shift stick cars are crap–I will always think automatic cars are vastly superior, no matter what anyone says). My mother didn’t help matters by freaking out the entire time about the steep drop on the side of the road and yelling at us every time my sister and I “got too close to the edge.”

(If you want an idea of what the driving conditions were like, you can check out this crazy video here  on Youtube where these two intense cyclists film themselves biking down the mountain roads and maneuvering hairpin turns above Cassis. You can see the road is really narrow and the sheer drop on the side, it’s like being on a roller coaster!)

Despite the tense conditions, we were able to enjoy the stunning vistas at several look out points and see the calanques which was almost better than visiting them by boat. From high up, you are able to see the calanques’s shape and see just how big they are. However, if you are really afraid of heights, it might be better for you to skip the scenic route by car. It really is high up and the driving can be very precarious at times. It is not for the faint of heart. I don’t think my mom would have agreed to the drive if she had known!



For more information about Cassis, click here for a link to the official Office de Tourisme website (available in English). There is information about the calanques boat tours that we did available here (but only in French).