This is the last post of the Provence Diaries series. After an amazing two weeks in this region, it was finally time to say goodbye and head up north to Normandy. The night before we left, I convinced my mother and my sister to accompany me down the road to check out the three horses in the pasture we drove by every day to get to and from the rental house. I had been meaning to say hello to these guys since the first day I saw them, but I ended up saying hello and goodbye at the same time.

Before we left the house, I snapped a picture of my last Provencal sunset before we set off through the gates.


The horses were very cautious at first when we got to the electrical fence and stayed where they were. However, after persistently clicking our tongues for a good five minutes and calling out to them, the horses decided we were harmless and came over to investigate. One of them was a bit shyer than the other two and lagged behind. I was really nervous petting them because of the electrical fence (I once got electrocuted by an electrical fence when I was younger and I am still traumatized by it, no joke). My mother knew no such fear however and went right up to these beautiful animals with some grass in her hands, which the horses gratefully munched on. I used to horseback ride when I was younger and seeing these guys made me a little nostalgic.

DSCN2763 DSCN2765 DSCN2767 DSCN2768 DSCN2769 DSCN2771 DSCN2773 DSCN2774 DSCN2775 DSCN2776

One last detail about Provence: Vacations are all about relaxing and taking it easy.  I wanted to show you guys just how much we relaxed and took it easy by showing you how much alcohol we consumed in two weeks. Below you will see the corks we saved from all the bottles we opened and the bottles we used up in just our first week. It may not look like it but there are 40+ corks in that bowl. Our group really liked to indulge in rose.

DSCN2777  P1110407

I hope you guys like reading about Normandy and Brittany, because that’s where we are headed to next!