I have never reblogged someone before so this is a huge deal for me! If you don’t follow or read the blogger over at the Fake Parisienne, then you should. She moved to Paris for a new job last fall after living in Dubai most of her life and I’ve been following her since last summer. She recently took a four day trip to Normandy and I was blown away by her pictures. I absolutely love, love, love her pictures of Rouen and the timber frame houses (like the houses in my last post!). My father is from Rouen and I still have family in the area. It is one of the most beautiful French cities in my opinion, though most people outside of France have never heard of it. These are the pictures I wish I had taken when I was in Normandy last summer. 🙂

the (fake) parisienne.

RouenRouenRouenRouenGros Horloge, RouenThrough the Gros Horloge, RouenRouenView over RouenInside the Gros Horloge, RouenView over RouenView over RouenGros Horloge, RouenPalestine in RouenPatisseries, RouenRouenSaint Maclou Church, RouenInside the Notre Dame Cathedral, RouenChocolates, RouenStrawberries, NormandyEtratatFalaise d'EtratatFalaise d'EtratatStrawberries, NormandyTrouvilleDeauvilleSail awayVieux Bassin, HonfleurVieux Bassin, HonfleurCider, HonfleurAmerican Cemetery, Omaha BeachMont St. MichelMont St MichelLa Mere Poulard kitchen, Mont St MichelLa Mere Poulard cookiesGoodbye Mont St Michellittle sheep, Mont St Michel
Normandy pastures

There’s a lot to be said about knowing how to detach.  Personally, I find it very difficult.  If there’s a lot on my mind, it occupies my every being.  I can’t sleep, I can’t focus, I’m inefficient and the wheels in my mind spin faster than I can run behind them.  So I was quite surprised at myself when I left Paris mid-week and drowning in work and returned completely disconnected.  It’s really amazing what a long weekend can do for you.  Despite being totally absorbed by and overwhelmed at work, the 4 days I spent in Normandy felt like a real vacation…just a couple of hours away from Paris and yet so many worlds apart.

We rented a car and made our way from Paris to Rouen to Fécamp to Etratat to Deauville and Trouville and then Honfleur.  We then headed back to the coastline, to Omaha Beach, to visit the…

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