As you’ve probably noticed, I have not traveled anywhere since I returned to New York last September. While I do admit to going a little crazy from being travel deprived, it’s been really nice getting reacquainted with New York again. One of the best things about where I live is the climate. It gets cold in the winter and we usually get snow (as you can see in my winter storm Nemo post from this past February) but it also gets very hot in the summer and we can go swim in the Long Island Sound–which granted, may be less glamorous sounding than basking in the sun along the Mediterranean… but the Sound is pretty awesome too,  such as the fact it has got horse shoe crabs (that was the first thing that came to mind–why wouldn’t you be fascinated by a prehistoric creature whose appearance has hardly evolved over millions of years?).

horse shoe crab

Photo credit: The Dragon Fly Woman

Since I have no current plans for extended travel at the moment, my posts are going to remain local for awhile (it’s not as bad as it sounds–I live right outside one of the most famous cities in the world, New York City). Recently, I did some local “sight seeing” when I joined my parents for one of their customary weekend walks. I grabbed my camera before we left because I had noticed all the flowers in bloom around my house and I thought I would snap a few pictures. Getting to see this spectacular display put on by Mother Nature in the place I grew up after such a long time away was really special.

I’m not the greatest when it comes to identifying flora so I’m not even going to try here. Here are some pretty trees! The first picture was taken on my street. The second picture is not–in fact, we wouldn’t have gone down there at all if it weren’t for the open house. My mother has always been a stalker curious about other people’s houses. She has always used open houses as an excuse to go look inside (and to steal interior decorating ideas).

DSCN3609 DSCN3610

Some daffodils along the outside of the park. I always smile when I see these guys along here every spring.

DSCN3611 DSCN3613


Speaking of the Long Island Sound, here it is. It was a very clear day. That landmass on the horizon is Long Island. This is probably one of my favorite spots in my town.


Our final destination was this place called the Wainwright House. It used to be a private home and was owned by the Wainwright family back in the day (they originally immigrated to the US sometime during the 18th century). In the 1950s, it became a non-profit holistic learning center and is all about promoting the health of the body, mind, and spirit (think yoga, meditation, and the like). You can learn more about the Wainwright House here. The building is located along a channel leading to the Long Island Sound with the back garden facing the water. I don’t think God himself could have picked a more tranquil and peaceful location for a holistic learning center.


Around the Wainwright House’s garden and grounds. It’s all a bit random–Buddha heads, some kind of Hindu statues (I think?), a meditation garden…

DSCN3623 DSCN3624

DSCN3625 DSCN3627

The back of the Wainwright House and the house next door which also belongs to the estate. It’s hard to tell in the first picture, but the Wainwright House is getting ready for the 2013 summer wedding season. There usually is a white tent that they install outside every summer for outdoor wedding receptions.

DSCN3629 DSCN3632

The reason we even walked all the way over here in the first place was because my mother had learned about a labyrinth that had been designed somewhere on the grounds. It turns out there was a labyrinth, but not the kind with high bushes or hedges. It was simply a path created by the skillful planting of a spiraling row of flowers. At the center of the labyrinth there was a bench, probably meant for the person walking through to reflect on their journey through the labyrinth and how such a path is meant to mimic our confusing lives (not trying to get deep here, I’m thinking along the lines of the Wainwright House’s mission statement).

DSCN3634 DSCN3635

DSCN3636 DSCN3638


And finally some cliche cute parents pictures. 30 years together and still going strong. 🙂

DSCN3641 DSCN3643

I know I said earlier I hadn’t traveled anywhere. But I just google mapped the Wainwright House from my house and it turned out I walked 2.6 miles to get there! I consider that traveling. You don’t always need a plane to call it “traveling.”

And to end this post, a jolly looking Buddha.