Part 2 of New York Comic Con! (Read part 1 here).

There were many more people dressed up in costume on Saturday than on Friday night, which is a staple at Comic Cons. Some people take it very seriously, to the point that dressing up in costume outside of Halloween has been dubbed cosplaying” (as in costume playing). Some people got really creative, it was impressive how real their costumes looked!

I did not take many pictures of “cosplayers” (all of this lingo is very new to me) but you can see many below that I found online. I recognized the major superheroes and characters from popular TV shows, but for each one I correctly identified, there were about ten more I did not know. It was exciting walking over to the Jacob Javits Center from Grand Central, because even before we got to NYCC, we could already see people in costume making their way over. It was like a citywide costume party. I did not dress up because it’s not really my thing and I’d rather be wearing comfortable clothes (and I’m glad I did with the amount of walking involved!). But props to these dedicated fans!

NYCC20133Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. If you have ever seen an episode with one of these, then you know these are super creepy! (Source)


Inspector Gadget. (Source)


This is apparently Effie Trinkett from The Hunger Games. (Source)


I thought this was clever. Batman holding  a sign that says “Superman is Clark Kent.” (Source)


This is one of the more WTF costumes. A human sock monkey? (Source)


Steampunk Batman. (What is steampunk? Click here for an explanation. Source)


Rocket Raccoon, no idea what that is. (Source)


Two Queen Amidalas from Star Wars. (Source)


Supposedly these are the “Red Wedding musicians” which you won’t understand if you have never watched Game of Thrones. I wouldn’t have known who these people were off the bat, but I’m loving the wolf hoodie. (Source)


There was even a dog dressed up as Black Widow! Scarlett Johansson’s character in The Avengers to give you some context. (Source)


Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz(Geeks Are Sexy)

And this is just a very small sampling of the thousands of talented people who went to NYCC dressed up. However, I think I found the best cosplayer ever to attend this year. This guy went dressed as Sharknado!


It was kind of hard to escape the mania that accompanied the publicity campaign and the absolutely ridiculous trailer for this movie earlier this past summer. Click here for an explanation of Sharknado and then watch the trailer. It is a SyFy original movie. Enough said. I laughed for a good five minutes after seeing it for the first time.

Despite having a four day pass, I could only bring myself to go two days (hardcore Comic Coners, please don’t hate me). While I had fun the days I went, taking the train into the city, walking all the way over to the Javits center, battling the Comic Con crowds, and walking all over the complex four days in a row were just beyond me. I also did not bother attending any of the panels or autograph sessions–I’m not the kind of person who can wait in line for hours on end (I did it once for the free Game of Thrones exhibit that came to NYC in April and it’s not something I care to repeat on a regular basis). Despite the fact that the cast of Sleepy Hollow and David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson from the X-Files were there, I did not bother trying to seek them out.

nycc201310Cast of Sleepy Hollow. Cheesy show, but a lot of fun! (Source)

nycc20139Greatest FBI agents ever, Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) from the X-Files. (Source)

And to close out this post here is me posing with a Dalek (another Doctor Who reference). My mother who has never watched an episode of Doctor Who in her life exclaimed upon seeing this, “Is that robot holding a toilet plunger and an eggbeater?” I never thought about it before, but the Dalek toilet plunger and egg beater pretty much encapsulate the essence of NYCC. It is crazy, over the top, campy, and yet it is still a lot of fun! Even for this chica who hates crowds and walking to the point that my feet fall off.


Until next time NYCC (maybe?)!

For more information about NYCC, click here for its official website.