Part 2 of my latest High Line excursion. You can read Part 1 here.

As I said in my last post, I went a bit overboard with the picture taking. But can you blame me? The cloudless blue sky hung in the backdrop, highlighting the new buds poking out under the canopy of trees that had just bloomed interspersed within the tracks. All of Manhattan seemed to be out in full force on the High Line enjoying the spectacular weather. The snow, ice, and potholes of last winter almost seemed like a distant memory.

I was also a bit inspired by my uncle Philippe visiting from France who probably took more pictures than I did. Even the smallest things fascinated him such as these water towers on tops of buildings (I don’t think they have these in France). I mean, they are just water towers right? Admittedly, I have never given them a second glance nor do I know how they work. They are just part of the urban landscape and blend into the background. But they apparently intrigued Philippe so here you go.


 Exotic American water towers.


Canopy of tree branches.



More High Line Archeo art! This sculpture is called Sensitive 4 Detergentconstructed out of parts of a washer machine. I mostly liked the buildings in the background. You can just see the Empire State Building peeking out saying hello in the far back.


This building isn’t all that compelling-looking but notice the lay-out of the differently sized windows! Looks like the architect played one too many games of  Tetris! (Do people still play Tetris? I’m dating myself).


One of my favorite billboards of all time. While this is a clever marketing ploy for this company, it’s also making fun of NYC’s arbitrary parking rules which involve the infamous “alternate side parking” regulations due to street cleaning. If you happen to not remove your car on the days during the specific hours posted on your street, you will get a ticket since the parking rules are strictly enforced. I recently witnessed this firsthand when my sister got a ticket on her windshield.


This is one of my favorite permanent art installations on the High Line and is tricky to photograph. Dubbed The River That Flows Both Ways, the photographer Spencer Finch photographed the Hudson River from a tugboat once every minute for 700 minutes. The color of each pane of glass in these windows corresponds to a single pixel from each of those photographs. Therefore each pane represents a different snapshot of the Hudson River based on a single pixel over the course of nearly 12 hours. It took me a few visits before I was fully able to wrap my mind around this peculiar but very creative concept. Mostly I really like the way the colors flow from window to window.



The High Line is all about urban renewal which doesn’t come as a surprise since it is this very premise that led the park to being established in the first place. One of its most popular features are these wooden chaise longues. Some of them are actually built onto the tracks with wheels and can be rolled up and down the railroad, another original way of incorporating the park’s locomotive past into its design.


I took a ridiculous amount of pictures of this outgoing robin but for everyone’s sake I’m limiting myself to one picture. The High Line is not exactly a place teeming with wildlife (apart from bugs) but some of our feathered friends do call the park home like this little guy. Unlike most birds, he seemed remarkably unafraid of humans and content to pose for our Iphones, no doubt used to the constant presence of people walking by all the time.


The High Line cuts through the foundation of the posh Standard Hotel, owned by the renowned hotelier Andre Balazs.



Part of the Archeo art exhibition. These columns are a set of three sculptures (third one not pictured) entitled God Box rising tall in front of (or back depending on your perspective) of the Standard Hotel.


I’ve debated posting this picture simply because my mom is not that fond of having her picture plastered all over the Internet. However I really like this picture and I want to share it! She is probably going to yell at me when she sees this so enjoy it while you can before she forces me to take it down.

And that was my latest High Line excursion! I promise not to write about it anymore for the foreseeable future since I now have written three posts about the park. But if my first post about the park hadn’t convinced you to visit, here’s hoping these last two posts did!