Welcome to my blog! My name is Amélie and I grew up in the suburbs northeast of New York City. My mother is American and my father is French so I speak French and English fluently. I read and write in French too thanks to nearly a decade spent in a French-American bilingual school.

I started this blog as a junior in college when I studied abroad for a year in Malaga, Spain and Toulouse, France. Please don’t go read my early posts–they are terrible! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I then attended NYU in Madrid’s graduate program to get my MA in something Spanish related (not sure really what my degree is in exactly) and then taught science in English in a Spanish elementary school. I’m not really sure why they thought I was qualified for that kind of job, I barely know what photosynthesis is. So I guess I can say I speak Spanish too, but not fluently.

I am currently working and living in New York City now, exploring Manhattan and the other boroughs in my free time and traveling when I get the opportunity (which is rather limited these days due to the 9-5 job).

Thanks for stopping by!

Also if you love the Duquesa de Alba as much as I do, you’re awesome and we should probably be friends.