Only one more week left in Malaga! I have mixed feelings regarding this fact. On one hand, I’m psyched to be going to France and at the prospect of seeing my family and some of my friends. But I’m definitely going to miss Malaga. Especially my host mother.

I don’t know if I’ve stressed how important my host mother has been during my time here. While I don’t hang out with her 24/7, I’ve gotten used to watching tv in the evenings with her and asking her questions about the stories on the news when I don’t exactly follow what is going on. And just in general talking to her… She has just been really welcoming and has refused to let me do anything. She washes my clothes, cleans my rooms, cooks me meals…

Honestly I’ve tried cleaning my own dishes but she’s never let me lift a finger to help (I’ve offered several times). The most she’ll let me do is set down my dirty dishes next to the sink for her to clean. Her reasoning is that Dickinson pays her to house me so she might as well do everything anyways. I’m not used to this because I do my own laundry at Dickinson and wash my own sheets. And if I had to cook, I’d be washing my own dishes. And the fact she got Wifi for me when I clearly never dropped hints about how much I was dying to get Internet. My host mother is basically the best! (I posted a picture of her on FB so if you want to know what she looks like, it’s there for you curious people)

However I won’t deny that I’m excited to be leaving Spain. The semester has had its ups and downs. I definitely feel that people got very cliquey and well that was to be expected in such a small group, it always happens. But I feel like some of the cliquey-ness turned into exclusiveness and this bothered me a lot for a few weeks, especially during a few of the excursions. The group dynamics changed a lot and left me feeling often socially awkward. The semester is almost over so at this point I don’t really care anymore. I just hope the 4 girls who are coming next semester to Malaga don’t have a hard time adjusting and that the group does their best to welcome them. I hope they don’t encounter the feelings of frustration that I did at the social level. In fact, one of them (a Theta sister of mine as well) is coming to stay at my house and I hope she is able to feel as happy and content as I did here. Honestly no matter how upset I got upset, coming home to my host mother always made me feel like there was someone I could turn to during times when I wasn’t so happy.

So the plan is, I fly to Paris on the 14th and I’m there for a week until my family arrives on the 21st. During that week, I will definitely see my friend Alex whose been studying in Paris this semester. There are a few other people who happen to be in Paris that week that I will try to see. And I have some cousins living/studying in Paris I will definitely try to hang out with. On the 21st, I will probably meet my family at a train station and we’ll take a train to Rouen. My grandparents live right outside of Rouen so it’s not a very long drive to their house. And then I’ll be able to spend time with my family for 2 weeks before they fly back to NY on Jan. 4th which is coincidentally the day I need to be in Toulouse.

I’ve already heard from my host family in Toulouse and they sound pretty cool. The father travels a lot for his job so he’s not home much. The mother owns an antiquity decoration shop and there are 3 boys in the family who are all pretty close in age. I’ll be living in an apartment so that will be a different experience for me. Also the father is originally from Lebanon so the family has an Arab sounding last name. The family lived in several countries in Africa for several years but moved to Toulouse for the boys’ education. I’m excited! 🙂

And of course I will miss Kim! I don’t know if she actually reads this but she knows I read her blog from time to time. It was nice coming to Spain with at least one other person I was close with. Kim lived the floor above me in the dorm I lived in last year and sort of became my 3rd unofficial roommate. We also had a lot of classes together our 2nd semester sophomore year and we are both Theta sisters so we saw a lot of each other haha. And we kept in touch the summer prior coming to Malaga. I’m definitely going to miss you Kim!!

So yeah this is kind of a useless post… I was just looking for an excuse to procrastinate writing more papers. And don’t worry Mom, I’ve been getting them done! So far I have not handed in one paper late!

More later.