No, I did not really go fishing. But I am back from my whirlwind European tour! I will eventually get around to blogging about it but first I need to post all the pictures on Facebook and since I traveled to 4 countries in 17 days, there are a lot of pictures to go through. And I have a lot of homework on top of that so no promises on how fast I get them up.

So yeah overall it was fun but I won’t lie, traveling can be very stressful. It’s also really important to get enough sleep! You would think I would have figured that out by now after being lectured by my parents all these years and taking AP Psychology. However, not sleeping well in sketchy hostels, eating out in restaurants every night, walking all over the place, and stress are a combination of factors that will wear anybody down. So of course I came down with a cold in Athens but I am feeling a lot better now. I just hope my allergies don’t kick up again, whatever it was that I’m allergic to in Toulouse apparently doesn’t grow in Rome, Berlin, Athens, or Scotland!

And I just discovered Mom got herself a Facebook. I was very shocked at first just because I wasn’t expecting it… but at the same time I was. I know a lot of my friends who are Facebook friends with their parents, especially my peers who are studying abroad right now. I don’t find it so weird since I already have various uncles and aunts who are my FB friends. Apparently Sandrine still thinks Facebook is used exclusively by college students and high schoolers and was very annoyed to discover our madre got herself an account. So I am proud to announce Mom and I are Facebook friends! The ultimate expression of our loving relationship! However it seems Sandrine is less than enthused about this and by the way hermana, Mom totally knows you set your options to make yourself invisible to her in the Facebook search. Don’t think she didn’t figure it out, you aren’t that sneaky hahaha. If you were afraid Mom was going to discover you were a drug dealer, well too late she knows that now. (JUST KIDDING.)

So while Sandrine is pretending she doesn’t have a Facebook account when we all know she totally does, I suggest you all go search for my mom and send her a Facebook request because she is that cool! Except for when she dances around the house to modern pop music, I’ve been asking her to stop doing that my whole life (and Sandrine actually agrees with me on this one).

So I am dead tired by all these traveling adventures. Just wanted to let everyone know I am alive!