Last Sunday my roommate Nicole and I went to Retiro to see the roses in La Rosaleda rose garden. I’ve blogged about the Retiro before; it’s one of Madrid’s most popular parks. I love Retiro, it is one of my favorite city parks. A couple of months ago the rose garden was pretty dead looking. However now that summer is almost upon us, the roses are out in full force. I remember visiting it last year with my sister and I seem to remember several brides getting their wedding pictures taken with their new husbands.

Below are some of the pictures I took. I love roses. They may not be the most fragrant of flowers, but they are so beautiful.

Again I apologize for my camera’s less than stellar picture taking performance. I bought this camera out of desperation before a trip to Lisbon last December when my last (nicer) camera stopped working inexplicably (I literally walked into the camera store on my street here in Madrid and asked them for the cheapest digital camera they had). I’ve been using this camera for about six months and I’ve had about enough! I will be buying a nicer one once I go back to the States in September.

So enjoy the roses.








Nicole and I also decided to have a mini photo shoot among the roses. I don’t normally post pictures of myself on my blog but I kind of wanted to show off the new dress I bought at Zara’s a few months ago. I think it’s my new favorite dress. 🙂 Yes, I realize I’m fishing for compliments… shush!

Oh and yes I know I’m super pale and look like I’ve never seen the sun… I was only reminded for the trillionth time in my life this week when I went hiking again by one of my fellow Spanish hikers. I responded along the lines of, “Oh really? I hadn’t noticed before.”


Last picture of is of me and a penguin statue. Do you guys remember when the statues of cows invaded the streets of New York City? They invaded Madrid in 2009 (there is a website you can visit about the art project ( Well it looks like Madrid wanted to do its own art exhibition so they are slowly installing penguin statues all over the city. Below I am pictured with one of them that has been installed by a Retiro entrance. My goal is to be photographed with every penguin of this Penguin Parade before I leave Spain.