I wanted to share with you guys the following video of David Sedaris reading an excerpt from his book Me Talk Pretty One Day. If you have never heard of David Sedaris, I highly suggest you look him up and read one of his books. They are available as e-books so if you have a Kindle or a Nook, you can purchase them right away.

He is easily one of the funniest American writers out there. His books mostly consist of a series of short essays that have to do with his life. A lot of them are stories about his ridiculous family (mainly about his five other siblings), his experiences living abroad, and his lack of success at finding a career suitable for him. All of his essay books have been New York Times bestsellers. A few years ago I read When You Are Engulfed in Flames.  A few months ago, I bought Me Talk Pretty One Day on my Kindle and I thought the book was hysterical. The first part of the book deals with Sedaris’s childhood in North Carolina and his adventures as a twentysomething living in New York City. The second part of the book describes Sedaris moving to France and his experiences living in a country house in Normandy.

One of the funniest chapters in the book is titled “Jesus Shaves.” This essay had me in stitches. And lo and behold, I found a video of Sedaris on the David Letterman show reading a passage from this chapter on Youtube. I showed the video to my roommate Nicole and then subsequently to my mother and my aunt. All three of them laughed and thought it was funny. The story is about Sedaris taking French classes with a bunch of other foreigners while living in Paris. In this particular class, the students were trying to describe the concept of Easter to a Moroccan student who had never heard of the holiday. I’ll leave it at that and let you watch the video.

If you liked the video, you can check out David Sedaris’s books at his Amazon page here.

I think anyone who has ever learned a foreign language can relate to this story in some way. When you learn a language, you are bound to make mistakes. When you first start learning, you feel like a baby learning to talk in your broken [insert language you are learning here]. This can lead to some very serious misunderstandings and to much embarrassment–but it also makes for a great story a few years down the road when your speaking level has improved.

Of course, I personally find the video hilarious because Sedaris was learning French. While I speak the language fluently, I honestly think it one of the most ridiculous languages and I’m always amazed when people are able to master it. Kudos to Sedaris for trying!

PS.  I apologize for the lack of updates. I was originally supposed to go to Budapest at the beginning of the month, but I had to cancel the trip. I am actually back in New York this week for personal reasons. I know that sounds so cryptic so I will go ahead and state that everything is fine. Nobody is sick or is dying in the family (and I’m fine too). In a few days I will explain why I came back home; I just don’t want to jinx myself because I am superstitious. I am going back to Madrid next Sunday and I plan to stay in Europe until the end of August.

Alright sorry for sounding super sketchy!