So this is now the last week of the semester! Classes ended Friday and this week is finals/final papers. I don’t really have exams per se, it’s more like a bunch of papers. I have two “take home exams” (one of which is done yay!) but no real exam anxiety. 4 papers and 1 take home exam separate me from freedom. And 3 of those papers are due on the same day, ugh. I can’t wait to be home Sunday evening!!! Winter Break will be a welcome respite from this madness.

Though I can’t relax too much, I am taking the GREs in January and I need to consult the parents about my future. I actually have an idea now but I am not going to discuss it here because I don’t want people bothering me about it. When I officially know what I’m doing with my future, I will share the news. And no it has nothing to do with teaching so Mom you can stop harassing me about that! I don’t care what the results of that online personality test said, helping others can mean a lot of things! Rest assured though, the career I have in mind has nothing to do with waitressing. In all seriousness this is what I wanted to be when I was 5, and obviously it horrified Mom and probably gave her nightmares.

But yes it’s weird to think I only have a semester left of college! Where the hell did the time go??? I mean I know I will not have had 4 complete years but still 3.5 years of college are going by very fast! I feel very at home at Dickinson now which is really too bad that it had to take this long.

Obviously freshman year is awkward but it was doubly awkward for me since I started in January. When I look back on it, I ask myself what the heck I was thinking! In all honesty, I really should have deferred admission for a year or begged Admissions to let me come at the end of August with the rest of the incoming freshmen. The January program at Dickinson is not that well planned out. I did meet with some Admissions lady with a fellow Jan. start student earlier in the semester and we had a conversation about how the program could be improved. However it seems nothing really came of that. In my humble opinion, they should just scrap the program. What is the point of admitting between 15 and 20 freshmen students in January (apart from the international students and transfers)? I guess it means more money for the school? I dunno, the transition for me was very painful and very hard and I got zero support from the school. Our orientation was a huge joke and so was our freshman seminar. The Role of Wine in American Society? Seriously? The whole semester was just bizarre.

Then the beginning of sophomore year was just awful. I didn’t have any real friends and then those problems with my back started up (which continue to this day but I basically ignore it and don’t care) and I was so stressed out, I was breaking out mysteriously into hives for several weeks (which I thought was a symptom of something very serious) because I was so mentally and emotionally shattered. Who knew stress could cause you to break into hives? So then Theta came along and things got better by the next semester. Then I went abroad and had a grand old time for the most part and now finally Dickinson feels like home. It took a lot of adjusting but Dickinson and I are now best friends. Except for a few minor kinks such as weird townies, the laundry and printing quota, the fact that Pres. Durden insists on wearing bowties instead of ties (just kidding about that last one I think it’s kind of cute actualy), I’ve been pleased with senior year. Minus the workload and finals week.

Graduation/Commencement is going to be a very sad and exciting day. Exciting because I have my whole future ahead of me. It’s scary to think about yet there’s that whole “anything can happen” mentality which is sort of thrilling. Sad because there are so many people I will probably never see again unless I go to the college reunions. Let’s face it, there’s too many people to keep in touch with. I will definitely keep in touch with the BFFs obviously but that’s a small group. Which is fine because trying to keep track of 20+ people is just too hard. I’ll also miss the spontaneity that comes along with college such as planning for the weekend the day of and that kind of thing. Bumping into random people I know. The ridiculous conversations such as the zombie apocalypse (which I’m surprised that so many people take seriously. Just a couple of days ago Mimi and a friend busted into the apartment grabbing random things and ran out announcing “it happened!” Turns out they were just relieving stress from finals. For the record, I don’t believe in the zombie apocalypse.) The laughter, the tears, the get togethers at parties or for meal dates… It’s a whole community and way of life I’ll be leaving behind for good next May. It’s too bad real life can’t be like college, I think Westchester would be way more fun if it were.

Other than realizing my time at Dickinson is running out and finals, nothing too new to report. My sorority formal was last weekend and that was a lot of fun. I brought Mimi along as my date and we both had fun as we danced with our friends. I have to say though, Americans really don’t know how to dance. I know I can’t dance which is fine so I look stupid like everybody else. But the way my generation dances… I won’t go into specifics but let’s just say it looks really stupid when you try to replicate the same dance moves in Europe. Unfortunately no one taught me the rock and roll kind of dancing Papa grew up with in France in the late 70s and I’m rather pathetic when I try to attempt it myself. Mom, you may look ridiculous when you dance by yourself to Lady Gaga but you and Papa look pretty good on the dancefloor when you bust out the rock and roll (which I guess is sort of similar to swing dancing?) But yeah formal was fun and a good way to release steam before the end of the semester.

Oh and it also snowed here earlier in the week! We got may one to two inches overnight though most of it was washed away by the next day’s rain. However there are still some remnants on the ground which are now frozen over. Some people decided to get creative and build a snow penis on the academic quad. I’m wondering what the tour guides said the next day when faced with the task of leading tours by it. Again, just another example of why I’m going to miss college!

Ok back to finals and lack of sleep. Hope everyone is not getting too stressed getting ready for the holidays. I’ve already watched Love Actually and Polar Express to get me into the Christmas mindset.