For those of you who are huge Francophiles, I suggest you check out the article entitled “Ten of France’s Natural Wonders” on the BBC’s travel page. I am proud to say I have been to five of them!

Here is the list as follows (the ones in bold are the ones I’ve already been to):

1. Gorges du Verdon in the south of France

(Photo courtesy: Google Images)

2. Aiguilles de Bavella in Corsica

(Photo Courtesy: Martin Moos/LPI/Getty)

3. Alpine Wildlife

(Photo courtesy: John Elk/LPI/Getty)

4. Cote de Granit Rose in Brittany

(Photo Courtesy: Breizh easy commerce)

5. Dune du Pilat an hour away from Bordeaux

(Photo Courtesy: Smart Travel Guide)

6. Lavender fields in Provence*

(Photo Courtesy: Ekaterina Pokrovsky)

7. Gavarnie Falls in the Pyrenees

(Photo courtesy: J.C. Benoist/Wikimedia Commons)

8. Mont Blanc in the French Alps–I have been dying to go to the French Alps my whole life!!!!!

(Photo courtesy: Encyclopedia Britannica)

9. The cliffs of Etretat**

(Photo courtesy: Jean-Pierre Lescourret/LPI/Getty)

10. Camargue salt flats in Provence

(Photo courtesy: Nicolas Thibaut/Getty)

*I have to admit, by the time I got to Provence, all the sunflower and lavender fields were already shriveled up and really dead looking by August. Hopefully next time I go, it will be during the peak season!

**A lot of people will recognize the cliffs of Etretat because many artists have painted them, notably the impressionist painter Claude Monet.

If you check out the article at BBC, it goes more in depth about each place and why it is considered to be one of France’s natural wonders. Hopefully one day I will manage to hit up all the natural wonders on this list. Five more to go!