I’ve always wanted to write for a travel website and my dream finally came true this month! I suppose you could call it “being in the right place at the right time” or rather, “being on Facebook at the right moment.” I follow Cross-Cultural Solutions  on Facebook, a non-profit organization that places volunteers depending on their interests in local communities abroad. I have never volunteered with CCS myself (I learned about them while in college), but at one point in my life I would like to.

CCS posted a link advertising the fact that Go Overseas was looking for travel writers for the next couple of months. Problem was CCS posted the link two days before the deadline! I managed to fill it out and I eventually got assigned to write the “Guide to Salamanca” for the Salamanca, Spain study abroad page. I’ll admit the position is unpaid, but I don’t mind. It’s great to be gaining experience and to be building a portfolio! Definitely could come in handy for future job opportunities.

If you would like to check out my handiwork, you can click here and learn all about studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain. While I never studied abroad there, I have visited the city twice so I felt very comfortable writing about it. The picture of the Plaza Mayor lit up at night was also contributed by me!

Even if you don’t feel like reading what I wrote, I highly suggest you check out the Go Overseas website if you are considering studying, volunteering, teaching, or interning abroad or you are considering taking a gap year. Go Overseas classifies everything according to interest, then by country, and city, and from there it suggests several programs you can check out and you can read reviews of former program participants.

We’ll be back to France related posts soon–I still have Normandy and Brittany to get through!